Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Sewing Goals and Fixing Sewing Errors

So far this year I have made a number of things and two of them were on my to-do  list from the start of the year.  I wanted to make a tie neck blouse and you can view that here and also a shirt dress that can be seen in this post here. I still have to make a fitted cardigan and some straight cut trousers but that is just a case of seeing just the right fabric for those two items.

I don't usually set myself any sewing goals as so many things just come up throughout the year, I am often just taken by something I see and then I want to create my own version of it. If I make lists I find that can be limiting but I know some people love them and this is how they function.  Saying that it is a good idea to know where you are heading but I always like to bear in mind that diversions happen and that is ok.

Sometimes those diversions can create design features that never occurred to you before.  I have made lots of clothes in the past where something went a little bit wrong or there was not quite enough fabric (because I buy the skimpiest amount in the name of economy!).  This is not the end of the road for a project, it make me sad when I read that someone has discarded a garment because they hit a little bump.  I know it can be hard when you have invested time in it but just set it aside and have a little think, jot down any ideas and come back to it with a clear head.

When I started to make my red sweatshirt I knew what I wanted but there wasn't enough fabric so I decided to split the sleeve into two halves with piping at the elbow to give it a feature.
Here it is here

There are lots of ways you can save a garment...

  • You can change change the length of the sleeve if that is where the mistake happened.
  • You can remove the sleeve or add detail to cover or join another piece.
  • Binding can be added to necklines or changing the shape can help.
  • Add a contrasting hem or panel if  the garment is too short.
  • Strategic pockets may hide a rip or tear, or perhaps an applique.
  • Godets can give fullness to a tight skirt, lots of colour options there.
  • Contrasting side panels can save a tight skirt.
  • If you run out of buttons - make them all odd so it is a feature.
  • Experiment with darts, in the right places they make everything fit.
So if there is any problem there I haven't addressed leave me a comment and I will answer you, usually the only real reason I don't wear an item is because I decide the fabric doesn't suit me.  There is not really a lot I can do about that but you get better at choosing over the years.  Now I just make the odd blunder.

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