Sunday, 10 June 2018

Floral Jersey Dress

Well I was up and sewing straight away today to get my dress finished.  We have been out for lunch today, not something we would usually do on a Sunday as I always cook so a nice treat.  I wanted to get the dress finished so that I could wear it.  As a bonus when I had finished it I noticed that it goes perfectly with a belt that came with a £1 charity shop skirt from a while ago.  At the time I thought I wouldn't wear the belt but put it in the cupboard anyway, it just goes to show, minimalism has it's flaws because had I been ruthless with my decluttering the belt would have gone immediately.

You can't see in the photo but the belt has purple stones to the front of it, or aubergine?

It was another pattern free dress I just used an existing dress that I had made before, I added pleats instead of gathers and a little pleat at the shoulder also.
We did take a few shots outside but it was too bright, this was the clearest one.  I swear it is either too dark or too bright, a better camera needed perhaps? Maybe I will just push on with the one I've got, it does what it needs too really. I have a reasonably sized piece of this fabric left so I may make more of the Boudoir Shorts from the other day, now that I have tweaked the sizing a little for me. 

 The meal we went for was an Italian called Casa Mia in Sheffield and very nice too.  They do a separate vegan menu and cater for gluten free so if you are ever in Sheffield that is one to try.

The rest of the day the weather has been lovely so some reading in the garden, I have just started this...
So far so good I like the style and it is easy to read, I felt like I needed something easy going for now.  I started The Doll Funeral by Kate Hamer but I have put that down it was just off to a depressing start, I know I should tell by the title but it was an impulse grab at the library. This current book appears more light hearted.   

My ironing has been completed while watching TED talks and listening to music, this time slot and habit is one  I have stuck to  and no longer feels a chore, there may also have been a glass of wine involved.  One of the TED Talks I watched was by Shawn Achor and can be see here  it is worth a look, he talks really fast but he is funny so stick with it.


  1. Such a pretty dress. I Iike the detail on the sleeves.

  2. It is a wonderful pattern both the dress and the fabric. An easy wear in this warm weather. Jo x


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