Thursday, 25 November 2021

A New Coat

 Well it has got a lot colder all of a sudden and I finished my new coat at the weekend, it was an unlined pattern but I do like a lined coat so a few days ago I purchased some emerald green lining and I am going to add that to it.  It will be a pretty quick job to do that as the coat is already complete.  It is just a case of cutting out the front, back and sleeve  pieces again in lining fabric, attaching them and slipping it inside before hand stitching around facings, hem and cuffs.  I do like a bit of hand stitching, I know it is not everyones cup of tea but I do find it very relaxing.

The pattern for the coat is depicted on the cover using a much lighter fabric from what can gather, I have made this in vegan coating.  To me if it is warm enough to wear a light weight fabric then it is warm enough that you won't need a long coat, but that is just my opinion.  So I feel making this in a heavier fabric makes it a more wearable winter garment.   I also think that a coat slides on and off much better when it is lined aso that is why I have gone for this extra step.

I made the belt a little narrower although I still think it is a wide belt, there are pockets in the sides of the coat.  There will be some photos of it on when I get around to it.

I have cut out another wrap over top so I will be putting that togther over the next few days too, it is in a striped fabric and I look forward to seeing how this works on this style.

Earlier in the week some new sewing scissors arrived, an early gift for me that I needed as mine keep on snagging the fabric even though they are not old (they do get a lot of use)  I am not entirely sure  a family member may have used them for none fabric purposes at some point, I can't be sure but they did go blunt suddenly a while ago and you will know what I mean.  It made me laugh as someone said to me the other day is that all you are having as a gift? Well it is what I need and want so in that case it is perfect.

This  week we have been watching a series called Guilt on iplayer and I am enjoying that, we saw a bit of the second series and didn't know what was going on, then we realised it had a first season so we looked for it.  I am glad we have found something as there is a an awful lot of rubbish on at the moment and I do like to have one series we can pop on before bed.  After dinner early evening we do other things but after nine I like to just watch for an hour or so.s

The Christmas tea is out now too so we know it is getting close, I really fancied buying myself some mulled wine tea bags and then I saw the postage was almost as much as the tea so I didn't bother.  Any tips for what I can add to my tea in terms of spices anyone to get the same effect? (not actual red wine though itgives me headache!)  Here is my current cup...

 Have a lovely day.

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Christmas Making

 Hello I thought I'd share the little bit of Christmas sewing I have been doing as promised, I have a home for one of the bunting strips and I moved on to making a few gift bags like I mentioned a few days ago.  I will be making more I was just trying out the different ways that they could be tied or fastened. If you haven't already maybe check out the post on Sum Of Their stories to see the ideas there, I shared the link in my previous post.

I opted to used the recycled pillow slips  that I had been wanting to reuse anyway, then I chose to dress them with small amoun ts of new fabric to make them look festive.   I did a dawstring tie on one, the ribbon tie attched at the side, tie loops at the top on another and a button fastening.  I don't know which will be the prefered way I suppose it depends what you are putting inside as some methods maintain more usable space inside.

The little scrap bits are also being saved as I cut out as these can be used on gift tags, here are a few so far...

Of course these will have to be done on a cooler wash as I have mixed some bold colours here with the white.

It makes quick work of wrapping things.

Here are a few of the finished bunting, it is making me feel quite Christmasy taking photos of these things.
I found just draping the ties in the cupboards above mymachine is a really quick way to hang these.

I have various bits of this fabric left over from last year, all odd strips and some random shapes.

Someone has requested this one with the ginger bread men.

Now I am wondering what to make with all the little offcuts, it may be too close to the season to start a patchwork style project I will have to have a think.  What sort of things are you all getting ready for Christmas? 

Right I must get on as I am in the middle of making a coat, it is unlined in the pattern but I am thinking I will make it up as it is then when I can get hoild of a bit of lining I will line it.  It is quick enough to do and I never see the point of not lining a coat as they go on so much better with one in. 

 Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Sewing Morning

 Hello, I don't know if I mentioned this previously but I have dropped a day at work to give me more time for other things that I like to do.  Mainly that is sewing of course and while I am always sewing in my free time in recent moths I have not had chance to share everything I make or sew and sometimes things are becoming a rush.  I am certainly not a big spender being a maker so I made the decision to have more time as that is what is important to me right now. 

My time goes by so quickly when I am making too!  So there never seems to be enough of it and I do realise that this is because I am having so much fun. There are quite a few things that I have made for videos that I will share images in the future and I will be replenishing my handbag making over the next few weeks.  

Here is a little peek of a dress I made last week and this one is one is simplicity 8874AA in viscose jersey from Minerva I will add a link below if you want to check out the pattern and fabric.

Fabric here  and pattern here

I did treat myself to another  tripod light for my tiny sewing room last week as I was finding it increasingly difficult to get good light in the room to film with it being so much darker during the day now.  I always film in the daytime and I do already use a studio light but there is just no substitute for natural good daylight. My son does insist I need an iphone but to be honest after seeing the filming on his phone it is still a good light issue I feel and not a camera issue.  Well ok his camera is better then mine but my phone is good and I am not big on buying new gadgets when things are working well it is just so wasteful.  I guess my generation do  not have that urge to replace technology all the time like the younger ones, I will come clean and let you all know if I ever give in an upgrade!

Typically this morning after gleefully saying last night I will turn my alarm off as I don't need that I work up really early unable to sleep.  After a restless hour or so I got out of bed  and my son came down for work and said what are you doing up? Well of course because I don't need to be anywhere I am wide awake, why is it when we have to rush off to work we are sound asleep when the alarm sounds?

After complaining about my current book a few days ago 'The Beloved Girls' I am now enjoying it, I suppose I just had to gt into it properly and perhaps let go of what I thought it should be like.  It is ok to read something light occasionaly and just go with it.  

There has been a little Christmas making (I know sorry too early for all that) in the form of bunting, no pictures yet I need to pop it up to photograph.  It will be here so soon though and every year I think  it is too early to start meking this kind of thing and then suddenly it is upon us. I did read over on  Sum of their about making reusable fabric bags for Christmas presents and if you have not read that go and have  look now.  This was really funny becasue I have planning the same thing myself rooting through scraps this week and thinking how I can add a little trim here and there to make fabric more festive looking.  A few well placed felt holly applique pieces or snowflakes can jazz up an old remnant.
I also saw on facebook that people are using fabric from the charity shop to wrap presents creatively. 

 Fabric wrapping is a good idea and I hope that as more people do this the people receiving it do the same and do not just throw that in the bin.   I have been using some Chritsmas boxes for my boys since they were small, they have snowmen and Father Christmas on them.  Even now as grown men they will still get anything that will fit placed in those.  Last year my oldest opened his presents and as he doesn't live here now I said make sure you reuse the boxes Ha Ha. We have to keep it going don't we?  I also love gift bags that just fold flat and go in the cupboard, now if we are all careful there is no need for those to ever stop being circulated (well until they completely fall apart). 

Well I hope you enjoy the day whatever you are up to, back soon. 

A New Coat

 Well it has got a lot colder all of a sudden and I finished my new coat at the weekend, it was an unlined pattern but I do like a lined coa...