Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Sewing Plans

Today I have been back at work all day, I was in yesterday but only for the morning it is very different at the moment and I will be happy when things are back to normal as I am sure most people will be. When I got home I had another look through my Burda magazine which arrived a few days ago, I do like the look and the layout and I keep picking it up for another skim through.  I think it is the production and styling of it that is just not there in  some of the other sewing magazines.  Experience will tell how well I find the patterns but most people swear by this magazine so I have high hopes.

I have sat and made some plans of what I would like to make from this copy...
So first up is that jumpsuit on the front cover, I was in two minds to go for a  tropical print for that but I have followed the rules for once and looked at the fabric suggestions then I found a lovely coral fabric, I ordered that fabric an hour ago so I will have to wait now to make it.
As the fabric is ordered this one is a definite make coming up, after that I saw this little child's jacket that I would like to make for my friend's son possibly both her sons but the sizing doesn't go down far enough so I may have to see what I can do there.  The fabric is ordered for these too but I went for a print, it is styled for a girl in the image but it is a unisex jacket.

There were a couple of other things that caught my eye and one of them I may do as a refashion from a £1 maxi dress from a charity shop I bought a while ago.  It is a top with a ruffle, not always sure how I feeel about ruffles so it is maybe best to try it on some thrifted fabrc first.
There may be some problematic tan lines with that back though!

I will not bombard you with the other ideas just yet but there were a couple more, obviously there will not be time to make everything I like right now and of course I wouldn't spend that much. There were a couple of sales from my bags last week so I felt I could treat myself to some fabric this week.

My latest bag creation is this one...
This was an idea of using this sample so it would do both sides, I also used the red fabric from the shorts ( did you spot it Jo?)

One more thing before I go and it is a little photo of one of my plant babies starting to flower, there are a few that are getting  close now but his is the first of the year from all the seeds I planted.

Bye for now. 

Sunday, 31 May 2020

In the Garden

Another glorious day today and it would have been peaceful but for the hedge trimmers this morning blasting away over the back and then someone has spent the afternoon cutting down a beautiful old tree with a chainsaw over the back.  The noise has been very annoying but not as sad as another tree going down.  I know they need to be moved in certain areas if they are dangerous or diseased but there seems to be a lot of it at the moment.  A property sold not far from here recently and there has been a lot of work going on, there were various trees and shrubs around the property but not any more.  The entire front and side has been cleared of every bush, tree or anything remotely resembling greenery and it is a big area and now it looks like it will all just be hard landscaping. It is not my business and people can do what they like but I don't get it, it just looks like all the character of the land has gone.   Does anyone remember that song with the lyrics 'they paved paradise and put up a parking lot' well yes they did that!

I am happy to say it is the last day of me made May, I am wearing a very bargain stash skirt that I made with a £1.25 remnant some time ago and it is one that I love.  Self drafted a-line with a side zip and button, t shirt is challis again own pattern, a simple back and front piece ( not to be confused with my green jersey t shirt with the buttons on the front)   I do realise I have made two very similar tops.

This photo is a bit bright and doesn't do the colours of the skirt justice but I have shared it in the past.

After watching spring watch the other evening I went on the website to have a look at the survey they mentioned about pollinators.  There wasn't a lot to it but I did it anyway, I spent ages trying to get some good shots of the bees and wasps but they be still? ;)  When you go on it only lets you add one pollinator at a time so I had to go back to add another and go through the whole form again.  I had more to add but stopped at that point I will probably do some  more on another day.  It would be a nice thing to show  children and get them involved looking, there is a link about the different pollinators so they know what they are looking at.

This hedgerow is behind our fence and the bees love it.

I got a bit carried away taking phots of bees so I will stop there, I am sure when all my plants flower there will be a lot more to see in the garden too.

With a new month ahead I am on the look out for a new challenge I am not sure what it will be but I always feel the start of a new month is a good time to begin new projects.  I had an idea a while ago that I might like to have a go at making videos about sewing, well I have changed my mind on that.  I filmed a very short intro the other day about something I planned to do just to test the sound and I really don't like it.  Writing down random thoughts here is fine but filming no that is not happening, I also felt slightly mad talking to myself too.   

There was a little email stating my Burda magazine is on the way so hopefully I will be able to share plans from that soon, I am looking forward to trying it out and seeing if it lives up to its repuatation.

Well bye for now, I will be returning to a more relaxed blogging routine now that May is over, back soon. 

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Me Made May Nearly There

At the start of this month I really had doubts as to whether I could get through the month without resorting to jeans or repeating the same outfit twice, well one day to go and it has nearly finished. The weather has smiled on us all month so that has helped and there are summer outfits getting an airing that haven't seen the light of day for some time.  This has also helped me to realise that there is nothing wrong with wearing the clothes you love around the house, you don't have to be in a bar or at a party you can do it just for you.  This dress I am wearing today didn't cost me a penny just my time, the fabric is black cotton shirting and came in a grab  bag to test for Minerva some time ago with lots of other bits of remnants.  The cherry fabric was leftover from a vintage style dress I made for someone for a wedding and I backed that with white cotton bits that I already had.  I also made an under skirt in black as it is quite thin and that stands out a little with a frill at the bottom, it was maybe only worn once last year for a meal out.

It is a New Look pattern that I have had for many years, the first time I made it I did it in red satin for a Christmas party about thirteen years ago.  I made it long then hated it and made it knee length it was only worn a couple of times mainly I think because of the red satin, it is not exactly a look for everyday despite what I said above, some fabrics really do shout special occasion!

My only issue with this dress style is that I feel a little exposed across the chest, I have only been around the house so that is fine but I prefer to be a bit more covered in that area.  A bare back is another thing, strappy tops out of the house and I worry about burnt skin.

There has been some creativity in the form of a bag this morning but I will share that another day perhaps as it is a gift, there is another cut out and ready to go for tomorrow.

I have been sat in the sun today but I turned the lounger around and put the throw across my shoulders so they wouldn't burn.  I know sun screen, but it only protects so much. I was only out for a little while yesterday and although I had cream on my shoulders were very pink.

We have been watching a drama series called Little Fires Everywhere, it is based on a book and I am enjoying it.  It stars Reese Witherspoon and if you can get past the first few episodes it is an engaging story, I wasn't sure at first so stick with it.

That is all for today, take care.

Friday, 29 May 2020

New Shorts

Well I got my new shorts made this time in a  style that I actually like, I used the fabric from Jo that came in my bundle and it was so nice to work with, a nice bit of stretch to it and sewed up lovely. I sat and got on with them this morning before I even got dressed as I wanted to wear them today.  I knew this pattern well so I didn't anticipate any problems.

They go really well with my fox vest top that I made sometime ago...

They have a side zip and I have added pockets on the  back, after wearing them all day I can say they are very comfy so I am sure they will be a summer favourite.

I am happy with that pocket placement as I rather did just guess at it, they are just big enough to get a few dog bags in.

I opted for a turn up but I have top stitched it into place as I don't like it when they gape open.  So this has been my me made May day 29 outfit and perfect for sitting in the sun and doing the garden.

In my greenhouse everything is coming along nicely and the courgettes are getting very big, I think maybe they may be a bit big for in there but I don't want to move them at this late stage now and upset them.  Here is a little courgette baby...

This evening I have given my son a haircut, so that is the second of the week, this one took a little longer as he lets it grow so much before having it cut and there was such a lot of hair on the floor.  I had to shoo the dogs out of the room as they kept walking through it, I am sure he feels much lighter now.

We are in for some more good weather here in the UK so have fun everyone, and enjoy the weekend wherever you are,  bye for now.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

A Gift

This morning I received a lovely package of fabric from Jo at Three Stories High I am so grateful as these pieces come in really handy for bag making and all sorts.  I was immediately grabbed by this one particular piece that I thought was just right for shorts, remember the baggy shorts were not for me. Well this piece will be more fitted from a pattern I often hack and I have them all cut out and ready to go...

There are no pockets on the pattern I thought a couple on the back might add a bit of interest.

Here is my fabric pile I will a have a lot fun with that, and a few patterns too thank you Jo...

My mind is going around wondering what to use first I do have my eye on the orange and black.

A couple of weeks ago I made a bag for a friends birthday and as it was today she has opened it and I can now share it.  She loves giraffes so I had to find the perfect fabric to go in her bag, I also used some of the blanket that feature in my tropical bag on the back.

 This fabric is quite heavy and as I was only buying a small piece I was relieved it had the giraffe on it!
The blanket goes really well with the faux leather, I say blanket it is more of a throw really.

Returning to the pattern I shared in the first image it was same one I used for the mock jumpsuit I am wearing today for me made May 2020 day 28,  and my other two that I shared earlier this month.  It is basic wide leg trousers so it is just a case of adding the bits you want to make it suit you, I make the legs narrower and add belt loops and a belt for this look.  I paired it with a basic burda top pattern that I got with  a magazine.

While this weather has been glorious today it is way too hot to walk the dogs in, I have to keep mine in as best I can because they just lay in it otherwise and overheat.  I tried letting them sit under the lounger that was in the shade earlier but they kept getting up to lay in full sunshine so we all went in!  A quick nip to the post box at the top of our street and I knew the pavements were so hot, it is a shame because we long for this kind of weather and I feel it is too uncomfortable for the dogs.

Both of my sons have  gone off to play basketball again I haven't known them this active in years, it is good that they are getting out to do something.  I am out in the garden a lot but they don't really spend any time in it.

That is all for now, take care.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

A Change of Plan

I got a bit distracted from my sewing plans today, the weather was far too nice to sit inside and there were too many plants looking sad in their pots that needed to go out in the garden.  Also the dress I am planning to make is quite thick jersey and I had intended the three quarter sleeve version as I will get more wear out of it through the year.  That sort of sewing is not motivating enough when you think you may not be wearing it yet, plus my little sewing area was roasting hot.

Here is the pattern and the fabric for another day...

It is even stripy like the one on the cover, I bought this fabric just before lockdown began from our local fabric shop Happy Hare follow that link if you want a peek she has a shop on Etsy and lots of lovely fabrics. I have been saving it to work on as a treat so there was no point doing it when I wasn't feeling like it.

I did alter two dresses when I got up first thing, the one I am wearing was a little big in the arm holes so I sorted that plus a bit down each side. Another dress has a cross over bodice and gaped a bit on one side so I unpicked and sorted that too, to wear another day.

Last night we finished watching the last episode of a series on TV called white lines, what a lot of rubbish I don't know why we stuck with it, so if you come across it give it a miss.

Here is my me made May 2020 day 27 ...

This dress is about five years old I think, I remember the fabric was only about £5 and I chose to use it a bit differently to create this v at the front. My own pattern another skater style dress, the colour is actually a peachy beige not white and I added a bit of lace around each arm hole but you can't really see that in the picture.

Another dress that I will get out more often now instead of saving them for what I don't know? It is very satisfying to see all the hangers turned the other way showing that everything is getting worn.  However it would have been different had I been in work more as some things I wouldn't wear for work or you have to take into account how cold the building is even in summer or if you are out on duty will you get cold etc.  

So far as I am aware I will be in work on Monday unless anything changes between now and then, my son has been told they are now going to go back to the office a few in and a few at home on a rota as of next week. Things are starting to move but is it going to be unpleasant with everyone dashing out of each others way, I'm not sure how I feel about it, this fear of others that we have spent so long protesting about is it now going to be the norm? I hope not.

Bye for now. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Useful Scraps

Today has just flown by and I have been sewing as usual so maybe that was because I was enjoying myself so much, I had emptied out a scrap bag of fabric bits onto the table this morning and spent some time browsing that.  I don't always know what I will use until I have had a look through and thought about what else I have that might go with it.

There wasn't a very big piece of this strawberry thief fabric left so I have done each side of the bag a little different.  I took the scraps off, or a quick iron and they looked instantly more useable, then I paired them with denim from jeans, some strips of faux leather and recycled duvet sheeting for lining.

I spent so long pondering because I was trying different pieces next to the birds to see what would look good to border it.  It is not always what you initially think, as I certainly didn't have that turquoise in mind originally, I really like it together though.

Here is the other side...
This is what my table looked like and though these are all just little bits you will see them feature in something at some point in the future.
The bag has not been listed yet I may do that tomorrow, I do intend to make a dress tomorrow so  I will be using a whole piece of new fabric ooh!

For todays me made May 2020 day 26 I am wearing an old dress, it has become quite faded on the  black parts now but still wearable.  I often wear it in cooler months with a black top under it and tights so it has been very versatile.  It was made to my own pattern in skater  dress style.
We haven't been very far today one of my dogs has been a bit sick, I am not sure if he is just too hot so we stayed home and I tried to get him to just rest. I hope he picks up tomorrow he has been better this last few hours, or we will be visiting the vet.

That's it for now, take care.

Sewing Plans

Today I have been back at work all day, I was in yesterday but only for the morning it is very different at the moment and I will be happy w...