Friday, 8 June 2018

Duvet Cover to Boudoir Shorts ( free pattern link)

I am trying to get into the habit of trying new things with my sewing,  I often stick to things I know will work or do things my way.  That works for me but I thought it would be nice to try something different.  There are lots of links out there for free patterns to print off so I thought I would give some of these a try.  As they are new to me it can be a good idea to not try new things on  best fabric until the fit is sorted.  After my big sort out the other day I can quickly lay my hands on my thrifted duvet sets so I thought I would use one of those today.

This free pattern is for boudoir shorts and I saw the link on pinterest you can see it  here Boudoir shorts, other than the hat pattern I printed out the other day I have not used a print out pattern for clothing before.  It is a bit like doing a little jigsaw, I will keep this in a clear wallet now once I have amended a few pieces.

For my shorts I used the duvet cotton but backed it with white cotton so they are not see through, I like to lounge around the house in mine so that is why.  I used some mint lace as the trim,  now I have tried this I will get some nice soft jersey that I love to make more.  These are nice but jersey is softer and will hang better in this style.  Also the fact that mine are double thickness is making the waist casing a little bulky, that is ok on this pair as it was an exercise in trying them out first of all.
Here are mine...

Now I went for the small size but they came out big, I have already taken a little from the top of the shorts to shorten band here, I have also run in the seam where the front side meets the back pieces with a large seem as they were big there too.  Maybe I should have done xs or use bigger seems to start but I have read a few comments linked to this and other people think they come out big too.  Don't let that put you off though, I think it is a great free pattern and good for anyone just starting, just remember to do a mock up first so you can see how the fit is on you.

I will probably make a little top to go with these now, and I'll keep a look out for cheap and cheerful jersey to make the next pair.

I chose to print this out in black and white as my ink is running low, that is why it looks stripy.  There are images to show you how to stick the pieces together and a layout guide.  There are no pattern pieces for the casing band it just shows you on the layout guide where to cut the long rectangles.

I think these would also be good as regular holiday shorts, in a different fabric and leaving off the embellishments would probably make them look more like day wear.  Let me know if you have tried this pattern and what you thought of it.

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