Sunday, 17 June 2018

Another Burda Shirt Finished

This shirt has been enjoyable to work on today, I have been back and forth to the sewing machine in between doing other things.  It helps that my sewing table is in the room next to the kitchen because you can hear the washer stop and check on food. This pattern is reliable and that is  why I keep using it although the take on it has been slightly different.  On this particular shirt there wasn't enough fabric for even a full short sleeve, but adding a small folded band from the little bits of fabric around the pattern pieces gave me just enough for a small sleeve.
I didn't add the front yokes as there wasn't enough fabric, also the back yoke is single whereas usually it is double so it hides your join at the back on the inside.  That is not a problem for me, you wouldn't know that just by looking at it when it is on.
The pockets are a bit smaller than the pattern too but again I had to work with the bit of fabric I had.

Another little thing I had to do was cut the collar in two pieces each, rather than on the fold. This was to maximise on all those little bits that are just not quite big enough.
This  has not affected the look of the collar and if anything makes sure it is central at the back!
Here is the little sleeve band, I will use this idea again as it gives a nice finish.
It was just a case of folding a strip, sewing it to the bottom, neaten the edge and then topstitching on the right side.
I shortened the overlength when cutting out too as this is quite a long shirt on the pattern. 

 I am very happy with it, and managed to force it out of one metre.  There really are only tiny bits left that have gone in a little box for applique or very small patchwork.   The pattern has been carefully  folded and put away for next time. 


  1. Wow! Very impressive to eek this lovely shirt out of one metre!

  2. Super stashbusting, well done. It is a wonderful shirt. Jo x

  3. This is lovely! The fabric is great, it's been put to good use.


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