Monday, 4 June 2018

Another Man's Junk

Well as I said the other day when my husband cleared out the shed for his mother, some of the stuff would come in handy and it has already.  In amongst the various bits he sorted were some pieces of wood and huge selection of screws and nails.  He was very happy with these and most of them were still in the boxes.

 So when I was at a loss as to what to do with all the peas that are growing, having exhausted our pot collection (for now), he quickly put together this little frame using the wood, screws and string.  The trough at the bottom was also damaged and split so he repaired that as well.  To think I was worried at first that nothing would come up and now I'm wondering where to put things.

I let the cook know at school today that I will be needing more of those tins, she said ok so more planters to come there then. I have seen some ideas where there is a frame built on the floor that just boxes in the soil but it is not high, then there are frame sides with just chicken wire over them.  This may be an option for keeping the pets off so I can plant straight into the ground. However the good thing so far about having everything raised is that it seems to be keeping the slugs away, for now at least.

We have a few strawberries turning red, I'm not entirely sure how long to leave them until trying them.  I will have to research that, there are some odd shapes though and a few resemble boxing gloves.  Not that I mind as long as they taste ok, just wondering why they are so misshapen?
 Ok the one above on the right is the perfect strawberry shape so my husband said that one is his.
I have removed the runners now after realising they are taking energy from the fruit and we shall see if they take in the compost, then we may get more plants.  I should have done this sooner I now know but you learn as you go.
One lone tomato has appeared I hope it isn't going to remain lonely, there has to be a first I suppose.
Also looking forward to trying these, you never see yellow courgettes in the shops, or at least not where I shop.  Maybe in Waitrose? More variety perhaps in the posh shops.

Anyway whatever the outcome I am enjoying watching things grow and that is the main thing, it's quite exciting when the seeds pop up and I waited weeks and weeks for the lettuce thinking the seeds were duff and now I have loads of those too.  They just seemed to grow all at once, just as well because we get through lots of salad, and on that theme I'm off to cook the dinner.


  1. Looks like such good progress on your fruit and vegetables. When I get a house with a garden I am looking forward to growing things too.

  2. A great pea net. The runners will definitely take - I have a whole strawberry patch made like that. Talking of junk Tip: when growing in a grow bag insert fizzy drinks bottles upside down with the bottoms cut off (like big funnels) between the plants. Then when you water, all the water goes into the bottom of the bag to the roots rather than sitting in a puddle around the stem of your tomatoes and rushing out all over the floor. You fill the pop bottles and it seeps slowly into the soil rather than sitting on the surface or rotting off the stem. Hope you get fruits for your labour. Jo x


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