Sunday, 24 June 2018

Separates or a Jumpsuit?

This morning when I had removed the waistband on these trousers for abut the fifth time I was beginning to wonder if this make was a good idea, I don't  know why but it was one of those times when something just keeps going wrong.  Eventually though I got there and the trousers are a good fit, my issues were with visible stitches under my elastic, I kept unpicking until it was spot on.
Making up the top took no time at all as it is just two pieces copied from a t-shirt.

My worry was would it look too much being so bright but now it is finished I like it and it is a change from the things I usually make for myself.
Excuse my pose I look a bit awkward I never know what to do with myself for these photos!

I have added five belt loops and a long tie belt which is in a bow here but you can't really see it properly. There are also two small pleats at either side at the front, the front waistband is flat and the elastic goes just past the sides to the front.  As you can see I opted for straight legs as I had a feeling I would never wear the wide fitting style.  I am happy with how it turned out I just need somewhere to go to wear it now, it feels a bit overdressed for around the house and too loud for work!

These items can be worn separately so that is a bonus over making an actual jumpsuit, though that was never my intention, they were supposed to be the wide legged palazzo pants until I decided against that.

I bought the fabric from Minerva Crafts you can find it here viscose challis, it is a really good price and I also liked the blue colour option.

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  1. Yes, wear them together. A jumpsuit without the toilet issue - Whoop!


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