Thursday, 21 June 2018

Almost Buying a Book

The wish list on Amazon is a lovely thing, if only because I can pop things in it and feel like I am going to get them and then at a later date when I have realised I don't really need them I can remove them.  It is a sort of delayed gratification device that often works in our favour I think.  I do love books and I can't always get everything I want from the library, but sometimes it is disappointing when you pay for one and it is just rubbish. Well that may be a bit harsh I should say not to my taste because I do admire anyone who can write a book and then get it published.  Not included in that admiration are any celebrities who use others to write books for them and then get huge royalties just because they have been on the TV at some point.  Saying that I wouldn't buy anything by a celebrity for that reason.

I do enjoy reading factual books and anything on health, psychology and faith.  I have seen quite a few videos by the doctor Michael Greger so I was interested in his book 'How Not to Die'   he is a vegan doctor and has done a lot of research in nutrition and disease.

So this book has gone into my cart then I stopped, I was sure I heard a colleague mention it some time ago so I asked her the next day.  She has the cook book that goes with it, she brought it in and I have had a look through.  Now of course it is not the same book but I am glad I have seen it, the book I wanted is all about the theory, why plant based, the science of what we eat and how it can affect us chemically.  He is not a chef so while some of his ideas may have been used to create these dishes in the cook book, it wasn't him and it is just another case of cashing in on something.

I may try and get the book from the library if it is in the catalogue but if not I am not buying it right now.  He has lots of talks online so perhaps I have already heard most of what is in the book anyway. So thanks to the wishlist it may stay there until I decide to remove it, either way it has given me the time to think do I really want that.

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