Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Sewing for Late Summer

I know it's not late summer yet, but just recently I have been making more summer items and currently I have no problem wearing me made everyday because I do tend to sew more for the summer. There are more items in my winter wardrobe that are from charity shops or ebay especially along the lines of knit cardigans.  I also find it is more fun sewing  for the summer as everything is so bright, in the winter we all tend to wear darker colours.

As I want to be able to extend wear of everything I am making I thought I should plan for later in the season when it is not quite so warm, or in this country that may be just next week, who knows.  I have seen a few ideas for cardigans that could be made with jersey or other soft knit fabrics.  There are some lovely styles but they also have to be wearable. The ones I have seen that are cocoon in shape or too floaty I feel would end up getting the sleeves dipped in the sink when I'm washing up or something.

Here are  a few styles that I intend to copy, as a cardigan is on my sewing to do list for this season.
This is from the next website, I like the tie front as it would go with dresses but perhaps make the sleeves straight.

This one is a more traditional shape it would be just a case of finding the right fabric, this particular one is quite expensive so I would not be buying it , copying it is definitely the way to go.

Has anyone else already began planning their sewing beyond this current heat wave, I am loving it but I also realise it will end at some point.

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