Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Apron from Recycled Materials

Today I thought I would get to work making an apron and make use of my new binding foot. Oh dear what a waste of time that was, it was supposed to be compatible with my Toyota machine, well I cannot get it to sew with that thing on.  I followed the online instructions I saw but no way, it sticks up and just won't feed through with it on.  So I put my regular foot back on and had the binding stitched on and nice and neat in no time, so much for time saving devices eh?  It was a pound so what did I expect.

I had a look at a few ideas on pinterest and got some fabric out and had a play around with it, here is my idea...

I made my own binding from one of my husbands old shirts, I just used the sleeves leaving plenty of fabric for another project.  I later moved the pocket on the image and put it to one side, I also added an applique bird for a bit of colour on the front.  The little images at the bottom are aprons I found on pinterest. So gorgeous and I think good enough to go out in but my son said no mum they are not, so that is me told!

Making the binding was therapeutic if time consuming and I did keep getting my fingers too close to the iron when pressing, I may do another post on this if anyone is interested.  It is a good way to use up fabric and would also make a nice gift for friends who sew.

Here is my messy process of deciding what to do with what...
All pieces  were then pressed, folded etc, ready to use.

I quite enjoyed making this and wonder if my friends are in need of aprons for baking.
I did realise after I took this Photo that my bird was in fact blind, so I hastily sewed on a sequin for an eye.

That little dart in the middle of the top of the apron was a remainder from when the fabric was originally trousers.  Here the bird is still waiting for me to cotton on and give her an eye. (Cotton on, ha, oh never mind)
Lovely binding I think without the aid of the special foot.

I didn't do a tie behind the neck as it is for me, I just measured and then stitched it so it would just slip over my head.
Pocket was trimmed off the trouser leg of the fabric I used then stitched on with a feather stitch in pink in the new location which you can't quite see here.

 I thought I would add an outdoor shot while it is still fine enough to do so.

It feels good to have reused some items to create something I will use, as always I also enjoy looking at what others have made to gain some inspiration but like to put my own twist on things and of course where possible try to use some recycled fabric.  The chambray was a pair of trousers a friend gave to me quite some time ago, knowing I would find a use for the fabric.

Here is a little shot of the binding all wound up and neat...
How useful is that? So don't throw those old shirts away.

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