Saturday, 30 June 2018

Floral Scuba Dress

It turned out that sewing the scuba fabric was a breeze, after reading that it had been mangled in someone's overlocker recently I did wonder how it was going to go but it was no trouble at all.  I like the fact that it doesn't fray as well, it does irritate me sometimes when I choose a fabric and then there are bits of it all over the place within minutes of cutting.  You know the kind that sticks to hands in a staticky  way and you walk it from room to room without realizing, well there wasn't any of that.  Aside from my scissors snagging on it a bit the edges don't even need finishing unless you want to.

So here it is just the one photo as I am doing a more detailed post on this for Minerva...

So this will be a fabric I return to if I see a design I like.

Here we are at the end of the month so this is the last time I will be blogging on a daily basis, I will return to my normal routine of once a week, sometimes more if I have something I want to share.  
What I have found by making myself post everyday is that we can find these little pockets of time do things, that doesn't mean I want to post everyday but it is doable even if the posts are short as mine have been.   I have noticed that others who post diary style blogs on a daily basis do tend to keep things short and other bloggers who post about once a month have very lengthy posts.

It may be something I do in the future but for now I am having the week off, I don't want this to start and feel like a chore.  There are a few makes lined up for the coming weeks so I will be back next weekend to share one of those.

I also want to catch up on my blog reading as I am a bit behind with the people I follow which goes to show we don't all get the time to read blogs ourselves everyday so is the daily post idea worthwhile anyway?  I would love to know your thoughts on how you arrived at your current post dates and why, or do you like to keep it more random?  


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your daily posts but understand the commitment involved with such frequent blogging. I aim to write a post a week but when life gets in the way or inspires me, some months I only manage two or three posts then others I write more.
    Your new scuba dress looks gorgeous - what is this fabric like to wear in the hot weather?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comments I always enjoy reading them. I think the scuba dress will be too warm for a hot summers day like we are having now in the UK, maybe better for when it is bright but cooler, or to wear in the evening as the fabric is very thick. Perhaps if you made something sleeveless and less figure hugging it would be ok. x


I love to read all comments. Please feel free to let me know what kind of posts you prefer.

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