Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Scrap Busting Make-up Bag

It completely slipped my mind yesterday  but I was featured on the Minerva website with my Burda jacket, you can see the full post here Burda young jacket Minerva crafts  you will have to scroll down to find my jacket as the website is updated regularly.  I got a quick slot this time only three days after sending in my post so that is probably why I forgot!
Follow the link above if you want to know the exact fabric and read the full post.

Today when I got in from work I made a quick make-up bag, this will go in my gift box that I have decided to start.  Jo over at Three stories high always does this and I think it is such a good idea, I have been meaning to start but never do, well now I have.  It usually gets to about three weeks before Christmas and I think,  why didn't I start making things early in the year and then I would have all these handmade gifts.  There are lots of ideas out there, so I just have to keep the momentum going now. Here is todays make..

It is quite roomy and made from a piece of leftover fabric form a skirt I made last year, a random bit of lining and the pink stripe is a shirt.  I think this would go nicely with some new products to fill it as a gift? Make-up, skin care or hair accessories? 
It has a dusky grey lining so it can be thrown in the washer when it gets dirty.
Here you can see the bottom so it is spacious.   I also added a little wrist strap, for no particular reason other than I like it.

Today I also missed deliver of a package and I think it may have been my dust sheets, I ordered them to make some curtains to hide all the stuff on the shelves at work, hopefully it will make one area look a little more tidy so I am interested to see what kind of quality they are.  It was the cheapest option and I thought with a bit of bunting to cheer it up it should be ok.   We will see.

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  1. What a wonderful make, a beautiful gift made with love. The best sort of gift.


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