Thursday, 24 March 2016

Red Ruffle Sleeve Top

This top was completed yesterday evening and after thinking it was going to be a very quick make it ended up taking much longer than I anticipated.  I have mentioned that I need T-shirts to go with jeans but as a lot of the fabric I am drawn to tends to be printed cottons I often end up making more skirts and dresses.

There is a dress hanging in my wardrobe in this fabric, I made it a few years ago and it gets lots of wear during the summer.  I had a piece large enough for a T-shirt so here is what I came up with.
I didn't want it just plain so I thought I would try something different at the neck and sleeves.  I'm not sure if it possibly needs two buttons at the top to even it out a bit.  The neck was what took up all of my time, I faced it with a grey and red pattern at first so it was showing and I was going to continue that around the whole neck.  It didn't look right so that came off, then I tried it in the jersey but it didn't hold the shape so that came off too.  It was all the careful unpicking that was time consuming.  In the end I went back to the grey cotton facing on the inside of the key hole bit.

I have a couple of T-shirts that have this ruffle effect on the sleeve so I tried that, I didn't use elastic as you should because it is a clear specific type that is needed.  It was only the look that I was after and not the additional stretch, so I hand gathered it then top stitched it in place.  There may be a  small cuff added at a later date if I find it feels too frilly when worn for a day.

Here is a picture without the button and ribbon and I wasn't sure if it did look ok as it was or if it is more finished with that detail.
The v is more obvious here as it is prior to facing it, I lost some of the sharpness with the stretch in the fabric.
It didn't take much fabric as you can see here, front, back, sleeves and a bit of facing.  There may not be enough jersey in my sewing stash for more in just one colour. So I may have to do two colour versions or have a look at some of my old stuff that I don't wear to see if any items can be upcycled
into wearable tops. 

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  1. I love the ribbon and button detail here, it just adds a little something special.


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