Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Walk in the Sun and Fabric Bargains

Toady is such a lovely day that when I took the dogs out I decided to take a few pictures. It makes such a difference to my mood when the sun is shining that I have to get outside and enjoy some of it, we really do not get enough of it in England to let it go to waste!
There were lots of people in the park already at 10.00, dog walkers and people with children on bikes, I think everyone must have been waiting for this little bit of sunshine because I often don't see anyone when I'm walking in there and I find that odd.  The daffodils make me smile so I had to take a few photos of those.

Things are beginning to come alive and it reminds me that we have a new start every day, whatever happened yesterday we can be thankful for the day ahead and what we make of it. There were lots of beautiful daffodils in the park but I was struck by these here at the base of this old tree.

The sun coming through the trees was lovely but my camera didn't capture it fully, it will be nice to get out for more daylight walks. I just need to get my dogs walking nicely together, at the moment it is a constant battle for who can be out in front!

This little guy always wants to be in front.

Yesterday I had a trip into Barnsley and got some fabric for £2.99, it is supposed to be a slight second but the run in the fabric didn't come up while the assistant was cutting my piece.  I want to make a top, I really need to make more tops but I always look at the fabric and think mmm... I could get a dress out of that.  Then I wear jeans and think why haven't I got many tops?  So I need to stick to the plan this time.
I also bought a couple of concealed zips, some lining, a couple of metres of elastic in addition to the above fabric. It came to £8.08, so cheap in that shop!

I have a few other projects I need to get on with before I start on this though, that is why I bought the lining and zips. There is some fabric that has been in my sewing space since last year, I don't know why some of it gets left so long and other fabrics are used straight away it's a mystery.


  1. I love a nice lonely dog walk in the morning. Not today, it was busy, just like where you are. I have a top made from fabric that is near identical to your bargain fabric! I love to wear the top and do so often. It goes well with jeans and trainers.

  2. lovely fabric, look forward to seeing your finished items. !


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