Friday, 25 March 2016

Long Sleeve Tie Front Blouse

This blouse has to be the quickest make this week which is funny as I have been putting off using this fabric as I was uncertain what style to do with it.  I knew I didn't want buttons and as I had bought enough fabric I also had it in my head that this garment would have long sleeves but beyond that I was a bit stumped.  Then I had the idea that is so typical of me that maybe I would do a dress again as there was enough of the fabric. No!! I had to stop myself, it was supposed to be a blouse I need some tops to go with jeans.   So I stared at it for a while then I thought just keep it simple with a tie at the waist to give it some interest.

I used the sizing from the red top I made and just allowed a bit extra all around so that this would still pull on over my head.  The fabric is lovely and drapes well but I'm not sure what combination of fibres I'm wishing I made a note of it when I bought it now.

Now as the dummy does not have arms I got my son to take a few pictures of this one on me.  Also the in the mirror pictures don't turn out as good and I do not have a tripod to attempt timed self images. So my son kindly dragged himself away from his console to take these.
Mmm... I'm never sure what I'm supposed to with my arms in these pictures. (Ha!)

Or my hands!

Anyway odd poses aside as you can see just a few pieces to cut, front, back, sleeves, long piece just over an inch to fold and use as a neck facing/binding, and another long piece about 2 inch wide to fold and make the bottom tie.

I stitched the tie right sides facing the whole way around the bottom starting from centre back to ensure even amounts were left at the front.  I then folded it then stitched it on the inside be careful not to pull it out of shape.  I had also cut a small semi circle at the bottom centre front where the tie would meet.

I am sorry there is no actual pattern to share as I rarely use them but I would like to have a go at putting some of my own together at some point if I ever get courage enough to put up the initial outlay!

Really I have to say how much I am enjoying all this spring sewing, you go to work and get bogged down with other stuff and then you suddenly get time to do more of what you love and you think 'oh yes, that's me!'


  1. What a lovely top, the fabric is so sweet.
    I feel your pain with the awkward pose thing, I tend to stick my hands in my pockets as I feel silly any other way, but then my hand looks wrinkly and old!!
    I too have a son who drags himself away from a games console to take photos for me, of which 19 are fuzzy and 1 is usually ok (I don't tell him that though, I just thank him for his support!)

  2. Lovely top! I have exactly the same fabric I think, at least the print is. It is a knit fabric but I can't remember what fibres it is either. I made a wrap dress from mine but haven't had a chance to take a photo yet.


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