Monday, 14 March 2016

Brown Pinstripe Dress Started

This week lots of little jobs need finishing, that was the reason behind buying a couple of zips at the weekend and of course I want to use up any fabric in my sewing box big enough to get a garment out of before I cut into the new piece I bought on Saturday.

After tea today I cut out the pieces for a straight dress with cap sleeves, it is going to be about knee length and the fabric has a good amount of stretch to it (but no bounce) so no need for a zip.
I already have a straight dress that fits me well but it is a bit more structured and has panels in it, I just cut out a back and a front for my dress, sleeves and a strip for facing.

I was toying with the idea of adding a thin pink ribbon detail all the way around the hem but I'm not sure, I have had the ribbon against it and it goes well but there is that line between unique and twee.  I may wear a pale pink belt with it so that may be enough, there is also the problem that once you start adding accent colours to something you limit what you can wear with it so maybe it's best without.
So it came together quite quickly, I've just added pins on the front and  back where some darts will go. The sleeves need hemming, back vent sorting, neckline facing and general tidying up. It should be finished tomorrow and I would like to get some daylight pictures then.

Earlier today I finished The kite Runner  and it was very good, I'm having that odd feeling now when you finish a book and feel a bit like you miss it.

   Just got The Miniaturist out to start it and feel like it's not quite my friend yet if you know what I mean.

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