Monday, 21 March 2016

Sew What Skirts Revisited

Yesterday I completed one task on my to do list for this Easter break and that was to make a skirt with some of my existing fabric.  Now that it is finished I once again have that feeling as to why I didn't complete it sooner! I used one of my existing skirts that I made using the measuring guide in Sew What Skirts and I have to say I didn't try it on once until it was complete. All the while thinking I was going to have to tweak it and take in here or there but no it fits perfect. I  did double check my waist measurement and I made the skirt a bit longer than my existing one but I am so happy with it.

One of the changes  I  made was I added a proper waistband to this one. The other two skirts I made using these instructions I just faced the top waist and one of them sits on the hips.  I am a bit tired with all the low slung clothes and feel more dressed when clothing sits properly at the waist so my new run of skirts will all be having a proper waistband from now on.

As with all the skirts I make myself I added a lining, it takes hardly any extra time at all they are easy to fit once you have done one and they mean you can use lighter fabrics and still feel well covered. they also stop your tights grabbing and I like to wear my clothes across the seasons.

I also added belt loops as I think skirts look more finished with them and it is annoying when your belt is too big and the side of it is sticking out.  I make my lining the same as my skirt, leave an opening where the zip will go and the slip it inside the stitched skirt wrong side together and tack around the top before adding waistband or facing.  I then hand stitch down  the sides of my zip tucking the raw edge under as I go.
Something else I did this time is that I carried the belt loops through onto the inside.  I found this gives a neater finish, I still top stitched across the top but it just looked better overall I thought.

I already had the button in my odd button jar and I chose it because it went so well with the little dots on the fabric.  Unfortunately the concealed zip I bought last week did not go with the fabric at all!  I just guessed and didn't take a sample piece. Now I know it would have been concealed but it was way out, lemon coloured! I don't know what I was thinking, but I had this regular beige zip that goes just fine.

The lining however which I also guessed at goes perfect, it is the exact colour of the greyish/ lavender spot in the fabric.
I read somewhere that you shouldn't use craft fabrics because your clothes will look too quirky.  Well I disagree, the whole reason I began sewing years ago was because I wanted clothes that were different.  Yes it does save you money  and you get better quality fabric and fit but I think the things you make should also be a bit personal.

Below is a picture of one of the other skirts I made when I first got Sew What Skirts, on this one I just shaped the side down to make it straight, it comes up to my waist but just has a facing not an actual waistband.
Here are a couple of images of the book below if you want to try it out. I would definitely recommend it.
This is the style of the skirt I just made.

It is easy to follow and I just mark with pins onto the fabric but you could use paper and make yourself a pattern if you wish.

I hope that was useful and I would just like to mention that I am not affiliated with anyone and my views are my own. This is just a book that I own and I thought some of you might find it useful.


  1. I love this one too, what a great book. Jo x

  2. Thank you. Do you have the book Jo ? xx


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