Sunday, 27 March 2016

Little Bird Skirt

Easter lunch over and I just had to finish the skirt I started yesterday, it would have been finished yesterday but I got interested in a film that my husband was watching and I thought the bit of hand stitching I was in the middle of was best left until daylight.
 The fabric is Michael Miller 'seedling' cotton, I had to rethink what I was doing as the fabric was not as wide as I thought and the skirt became a straight one.   I also started off with a small pleat centre front and back but on trying on it this didn't look right so out they came and darts were added.
Sometimes making it up as I go works and sometimes it involves unpicking which is what happened here as it was only when I had the waistband on did I try it and decide the pleats looked silly on a straight skirt.

Only trouble with those darts is that they have chopped the birds heads off!  Not to be phased by that I will simply wear a top that covers it up.  Of course you are going to get that happening somewhere as the birds are staggered and the only way around it would be if your clothing had no shaping whatsoever.

I made this skirt just above the knee but it started off longer, summer it will be good and winter I will wear opaque tights.  When I ordered this it was supposed to  be black but it is definitely dark grey.

In life it actually looks lighter than these pictures and there is a real difference between the lining and the fabric.  I have seen a few images of tops with a ribbon or sash tied and gathered through the neckline front and back, a bit like a child's pillow slip dress.  I think a top made like that in black but possibly with orange ties would look good with this for the summer.

Right I'm off to read my book 'The Girl Who Fell from the Sky'  enjoy the Easter break.

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  1. You'd never notice the birds missing head unless you were looking for it! This is beautiful and you are so right, will look great in all seasons.


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