Thursday, 17 March 2016

Pinstripe Dress Finished

 I have finished this dress today, last night we had a birthday to celebrate so no sewing then as we went out as a family for a meal.  It was very difficult trying to finish it or do anything when all I  seem to spend  my time doing is chasing a puppy around the house and  taking things off him.
He does have his own toys but other peoples things are of course far more exciting to him.
Here is the finished dress, stripes never photograph well though.

There is a vent in the back which I probably didn't need as the fabric is a bit stretchy, but I don't like that feeling in a long straight skirt where you cannot take a big stride so I added one anyway.

I'm not really sure how often I will wear this as it looks a bit formal but I was determined to use this fabric that has been hanging around all year.   My friend called round just before tea as she needs a dress altering for a night out, she said she likes the style of it. 

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