Sunday, 29 June 2014

Shoes and Pools

I have had  few unexpected must buys this week and a few that I knew were coming. First of all younger son puts on School shoes on Monday and announces there is  a hole in the bottom! Great off to Meadowhall that evening to buy new ones, this is unavoidable we can't have holes in our shoes.  Then on Friday older son comes home in rain saying feet are wet he has got a hole in his shoe also, what are they doing to them! They have only had their shoes for six weeks. Is it me or should shoes last longer than that when you have not outgrown them? This seems to be a regular thing, they are from different shops so I can't blame that but they never last more than two months. Do I expect too much? Also older son is  in  men's leather shoes so we can't just blame this on kids shoes in general, maybe my too are just very heavy on their feet.  I then had to buy a gift for a children's party and also a gift for a family birthday this week.  Some would say opt out of the whole gift buying thing but if a child gets invited to a party then they should be able to go I feel and not empty handed. If it was every week  and some ones finances couldn't stretch then fair enough but it's not usually every week is it?  The other gift was for one of the grandmothers so again a genuine need I think.  I don't agree with the whole gift giving to every one you ever meet at birthdays and Christmas, that can get a bit ridiculous but close family and friends then yes.
That said we haven't done anything other than food shopping this weekend and a walk with the dogs today which led me to quite a silly internet search when I got back.  There is a house for sale near us that has been on the market for ages, the reason being it's very expensive.  I heard it has a pool out back and as I love to swim and get stressed with the crowding at my pool when I'm trying to swim, I thought I'd have a look on Right Move.  It is very  expensive, but the pool looked lovely. So then I got looking at houses in California which have pools and the properties are so much bigger yet far cheaper, £200,000 cheaper in fact than the ones with pools here.  Lets face it though they do have the right climate for an outdoor pool and we don't.
Then my search led me here...
Now this looks more like it I thought I could buy that much cheaper than moving... ARGH! What was I doing.  All I did was go for a walk perfectly contented with my lot (aside from annoying shoes that don't last!) and I came back ready to move countries, disgusted at our overpriced housing market and lack of affordable properties with pools, then a yearning for an affordable above ground pool.  Can you see where I'm going with this?  I will not be doing or buying any of the above but it easy to see how people can quickly convince themselves that they need or want something, be it anything from a pair of shoes, a jacuzzi or a new bigger house.  I have always planned and saved for any major purchase, along with a discussion with my husband finding the best deal and then waiting to be certain.   I know that with the arrival of internet shopping this no-longer happens for most people.  A search such as the one I had may have led some to buy a pair of designer shoes (OK it's not a pool) but lots of impulse buys like that are what  lead some people to debt. With the internet it is just so easy to sit at home and click add to cart.  It's also easy to convince your self that what you have is not enough.  Well many of us have more than enough and it's even better if what you have is debt free.  I recognise how silly my little wander around the net was this afternoon, but I just wanted to share how easy I think it is  to get pulled into that state of discontent if you look a little too long. 

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