Sunday, 15 June 2014

Re-fashioned, Skirt to Top

I have had a bit of time today to get some sewing done.  I also wanted to get making some more items to list on Folksy.  I had the skirt that my mother in law gave me, lovely fabric, originally form French Connection but she bought it at a charity shop.  I sat and stared at it for a while then decided to completely cut it up and make into something else entirely.  Here is how it started out...
It was washed, cut up and the pieces ironed.
I have some little bits left that I will turn into something else.  I used my dress mannequin to drape and decide what shape I was going for, I still find  I am working like this rather than planning first on paper. That was the intention behind the fashion drawing books but as I have always done it this way I suppose my habits of working are hard to break.  I decided I was going to make this item as a size 12 as that is a more common size, also I went for a halter neck that hung and sat just above the hips but hiding the tummy as people don't always want to be hitching their top down do they?
Here it is, there is a little tuck at the front and the rest has been left to just drape as I thought this would save any sizing issues as everyone is so different.
Here is the back view, I added a little band of elastic on the inside to make the back a bit more secure.  Also how high the neck is at the front will determine how far down the back can be worn.
I really like the fabric so I always just want to keep the stuff I make!
So I have listed it on My Folksy Store and it will remain on there this summer. If there are no takers then it will be resized for me next summer! I have decided if I do it this way I am less likely to feel like I am not making any progress. I like clothes so this just means instead of thinking oh no that item didn't sell I can reframe the thought to oh good new clothes for me.
Focus on the positive. 
So that was my afternoons work, now I must iron boo!

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  1. That is lovely, you are very talented!! If I was younger and thinner I would snap it up xx


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