Monday, 2 June 2014

Frugal things

Well the sun was shining at last all  day yesterday so the washing was on the line, that is the first frugal thing of the week and what a difference I think it makes to your mood just to get outside and feel the sunshine. I can never understand when people complain about the warm weather we just don't get enough of it for anyone to complain!  Wear a hat, open some windows but please don't complain when the sun shines!  A walk with the dogs to the park and a visit to family and while I was there I got given this skirt for the fabric...
I don't know if I will modify it and keep as a skirt (probably a bit shorter and less gathered) or if it will become something else, still free fabric is a good thing it cost so much now.  We then discovered had not picked up a pudding for desert when we went shopping so I made a chocolate and orange cake and the best bit was the eggs were form my sister in laws hens that she gave me the other day.  She actually said they don't really like eggs which I though was funny seeing as they keep hens. So cheap desert sorted! 
i had a sit at the top of the garden in the sunshine and we had been talking about what plants and stuff we need for the garden when I spotted this...

Can you see that little splash of pink? Roses growing among all the brambles at the other side of my fence near the tracks. I took a close up.
How beautiful is that? It will be really tricky to get to as the thorns on the surrounding bushes are huge but my husband said he will get boots and gloves on and get us a couple of cuttings.  I read that it is ok to take cuttings from wild plants just don't damage or uproot the original, which is bizarre when you consider the land that gets cleared for houses etc. Also it was mentioned that wild roses only flower for a couple of weeks early summer and that cuttings should be taken August to September.  I think if I wait until then I will not be able to find the plant without the flowers! Does anyone know if it will still work if we do it this early, rather thrilled at the idea of a free plant.  
One last frugal thing that got done this weekend was my husband finished re-staining the decks.
I think that has transformed them ready for the summer lets hope we have a good one. 

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