Sunday, 6 July 2014

Frugal Sewing, New Dress

I sat down this afternoon to get on with a dress I have been intending to make. I bought the fabric a while ago and I must admit that when I bought it I just liked the purple colour and didn't give the actual fabric as much thought as I usually do.  The thing is it has far too much lycra in it.  Some people might like working with this but I don't!  Some people work with tricky fabrics and think I'm going to beat you and see it as a challenge, again I don't. Life is too short,I want to sit down at my table and enjoy the process, not be at war with the fabric!  When my over locker was working properly this made these fabrics easier to work with, this fabric today had far too much bounce.  I made a skater style type of dress that I have made many times before pattern free and the initial making up of the dress didn't take that long.   I used my mannequin ( I also had a battle with that) to hang it on to start, but then decided I'd better try it on as she is larger than me.  It looked nice after all the bouncing around while sewing (ball point needle I know) but the neck gaped because of the give in the fabric.  So I took up the shoulders, still gaping so I decided to put a little tuck at the front to bring in some of the fullness, then I didn't like that but had stitch marks so it would have to stay.  So I must have spent the next hour just staring at it and trying things out, flowers, placket, pleat all to try and hide this mistake at the neck!  I have to admit I was getting very annoyed with it by now also it wouldn't just slide on the mannequin like it does on me because of the fabric it is covered in, it sticks, also she is a little larger and quite wide shouldered I have realised.  So I finally decided on a mock placket with two buttons and I battled it back onto the mannequin.

My husband said he liked the dress but then he was not so sure about me putting the placket on,  well I had to do something or I would have sat staring at it all night.  It looks snug on her but fits me well, when I bought the mannequin my husband did say send it back if you are not sure and get the smaller one, I should have done that.  I may have to go back to taking photos in the mirror as when I was battling the dress on her to take the photo she split some stitches and I had to redo it. She needs a diet!
I am wondering weather I should carry on the purple top stitching onto the placket so it looks more finished any body any ideas? Still after all the drama that is another dress for the summer.  I usually find it more relaxing than I did today though.
I have some more jersey left and I have checked it feels normal, not overly bouncy so that will be next.  I will be trying it straight onto my body next time though to save fitting issues with the mannequin. I was so excited when she arrived as well, maybe I need to reserve her for looser garments.

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  1. It's very pretty, worth all that struggle, I would have given up on it I'm afraid.


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