Sunday, 22 June 2014

Cheap Lunch Out

Yesterday we went for lunch at Green City Coffee. We had a voucher from discount vouchers, well actually we had two because all four of us went and the offer was for two people.  I had not been there before but I will be visiting again the offer was for any sandwich and a slice of cake for two people for £6. The food was delicious and fresh, they had a good choice for vegetarians, friendly staff and a really nice spot.  It helped because the sun was shining so we sat outside but it looked nice inside too.

We occasionally take up the offers that are forever being emailed once you sign up for these things, but I think it is good as you find places you wouldn't have known about otherwise.  We said we will go back again at some point, so if you are in Sheffield and want somewhere to go for lunch this a good choice.  
Today we went to an event at Millhouses park called Cliffhanger. 

This was £12 for us to get in as a family and was not as good as I thought when I saw the promotional videos for it. The children stood in a que for nearly an hour to go on this free fall drop thing and just as we were nearing the front they had to shut it down due to technical problems ( a wasted hour!) That probably couldn't be helped but most of it was small stuff and large ques, it was nice weather but I think that we maybe would have enjoyed the park without the event and the admission fee.  The promotional video showed lots of stunts and demonstrations going on but we didn't see much just some bike polo!  It was on yesterday so maybe it was more of that then, others may disagree but I don't think I would bother again with that.  When we got back the sun was still out and we did the garden, I think I enjoyed my afternoon more at home.   I  must also remember to weed more often as the little ones come up so easily and the big ones are just a pain.
 I  have some dress ideas for this week so I will start those tomorrow but I did repair my husbands zip in his work trousers so some money saved there and a little sewing repair for someone else. 

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