Friday, 9 April 2021

Remnant Dress

 Today I am sharing this dress that I made for frugal frocks on instagram, I have had this fabric for quite some time and I don't usually do that but I wasn't sure what to do with it but it just stuck around.  Anyway this challenge was to use up an existing piece and pair it with a free pattern.

I found my pattern on the V&A website and it is for the Mary Quant Georgie dress,  The original dress is made from a stiffer fabric and has stripes but mine is very sheer and floral so a different take on this.  I found the pattern printed off nice and clear and also was colour coded for sizing which I thought was a nice touch.

As this dress is so sheer I have had to wear a slip underneath, the slip is actually orange so with the sun shining on it you can see it a little.  I may have to do another in white but for the purpose of this I just wore the one I had.
I do like the frill and I wasn't sure if I would, as ever I did not follow the instructions as that is one of my things that I never do with sewing so I cant really let you know if they were clear or not.  However I can say the sizing is accurate, I did have to jig around with the wrap over bit but then I always have to do that with a wrap.  I think it is because maybe I don't have enough to hold it out in front!

In all I think this fabric worked well with the dress, it certainly suits the style with the frills and when we have the right kind of weather I will be wearing this.

I had not used patterns from the V&A website before and there a re a few on there so if you are not familiar with it why not go and have a look.

Mostly this week I have been making purses and bags I was setting myself the challenge to list something on Etsy every day this month but when it hardly makes any difference to the very few views it is quite demoralising.  I will keep it up for the month as planned and if all else fails that is Christmas presents for some time sorted.   It is currently more an exercise in self discipline, but it would be lovely to just be home and sew.  I think a few of us feel like that right now.

This was leftover from the coat fabric from the last post, so I have been quite busy sewing and will happily do that with the music blasting away.

What have you all been up to?  I did manage to get out for a walk with friends today and that was lovely.  Seeing people in person what a treat!   Take care everyone. 



  1. El vestido es una preciosidad y el color también, es mi favorito y tus bolsos y estuches todos monísimos, has trabajado mucho. BESICOS.

  2. Such a shame that the Etsy shop is not going as hoped. Have you tried selling in a local craft/wool shop that might be worth a try.

    1. Oddly enough since I posted this the other day I have had a few sales, it has brightened my week! x

  3. Your dress is just gorgeous. I love the color and sheerness of the fabric, it ahs a beautiful drape. Enjoy!

  4. Seeing real people is such a treat isn't it! Your dress is wonderful and I would definitely whip yourself up a white slip. I am entering the world of frills, ruffles and tiers very gently too. xx


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