Sunday, 31 December 2017

Sewing for the Home

I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday and you are all ready for the new year, we went away last week so this was a nice change for us at Christmas we still cooked our own Christmas lunch and other meals but the change of setting was good.

We don't really bother much with the sales as I often think they just get the rubbish out that doesn't sell the rest of the year however we did pop in John Lewis yesterday as last year they had massively reduced fabric.  Well I didn't buy any dress fabric as most of it was bright patterns, lovely but what to make as I am trying to buy more neutral fabrics for everyday stuff.  What I did buy though were three pieces of furnishing fabric, reduced of course and I only wanted about 3/4 of a metre of each.  Well that confused the guy serving me (I don't know why, go in any dress fabric shop and they can handle that request!).  Anyway I ended up getting 0.6 of each which was enough as it happens to make my new cushion covers.  It was enough as I used a different fabric for the backs, something I have started doing as you never really see the back and it saves on your nice fabric.

I also bought two throw for my sofas  for £20 pound each these were half price, this has given my sofas a mini makeover with the new cushions...
My sofas are a deep red and we wanted a change, we had thought maybe new ones next year but I have talked myself out of that.  I don't want to spend money to be worrying about the dogs snagging the sofa or things getting spilt.  So I felt this way we get a change and if there are any spillages I can just put everything in the wash and it was also a cheap way of doing so.
I know you can still see the arms but never mind, I tried the throws a few different ways but this way they stay put when you sit on them.  The throws are quilted so they are actually comfy too.

There are lots of posts out there at the moment about sewing goals for the new year, I don't usually make them as such.  Two years ago I set myself a challenge to do more patchwork, which I did and I tried a number of different designs, it didn't last for the whole year though as I was wondering what to use it all for.  As for clothes my wardrobe is pretty packed and while I do have some dress fabric left over from my birthday and some from Minerva to post about over the coming month I do feel I need to be sewing something different.

So I will have a think about that and any ideas I would love to hear about them, anything involving recycling would be great as I have used a lot of new fabric recently, or ways to use up my little bits and scraps.

I will leave you with a few views from my Christmas week away, enjoy this evening and have a Happy New Year,
A bit of snow on the mountains, this was actually the nicest day, we had thick fog most of the time we were there.


  1. What a beautiful spot of the world you visited. Your new cushions look great what a lovely sofa make-over!

    1. Thank you, it is beautiful it was just a shame we couldn't see very far in front of us for about four days but never mind. We have been before and we will be back, we stayed at Lamplugh which is a half an hour drive from Keswick. x

  2. Love the sofa make over, the fabric for the cushions were a delight. Best wishes for 2018.


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