Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Midweek Treats

I know it's not quite midweek but it really does feel like it, I think it's the dark mornings that are doing it. I was talking to a colleague today about some recipes that were healthy, easy and could be done quickly with children.  The trouble is that a lot of what I make contains nuts as I need the protein and they are super good for you.  Well you have to avoid them with children due to the nut allergy problem and many don't like them even if they can eat them.  So I had a little look around and found this super recipe online.  If you are making it with children I would use coco instead of coffee but for yourselves go ahead and use coffee.

Chocolate Oatmeal Balls, thanks to  Nutrionist meets chef

I have to say I ate one before they went in the fridge, the good thing about these is that they give you that bit of sweetness but there is still nutrition in there in the form of dates, oats and I used cacao instead of coco as I'm vegan and coco powder often has milk. Cacao is more expensive but more nutritious.

Saying that making these is still less expensive than buying the raw bars you can get from the supermarket such as Naked. For some mad reason I still buy those when I'm feeling lazy and I really must stop,  as making your own doesn't take much time at all.

What I really need are some nice storage tins to keep the treats in and I have only just realised that!  As I have a little birthday money I think I will treat myself to some storage solutions for homemade treats.


  1. Hi.Just found your blog.so am going to have a look thru.I like this recipe might have a go.x

  2. Two treats - that is what you need. The chocolates and a new tin to keep them in. Jo x


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