Monday, 18 December 2017

Christmas Sweatshirt

I know most people have had their Christmas jumper day at work now but ours is this week, I am not a big fan of heavy jumpers so I didn't fancy buying one, the only solution was to make something.
Last week I bought the fabric, a heavy jersey in royal  blue, some felt and a packet of little silver stars.  Yesterday I put it all together, the most time consuming part was sewing on all the little stars but they do make all the difference.
Now due to artificial lighting the colour looks a bit washed out but it is a really nice royal blue.

The reindeer template I made last year to write everyone's names on for Christmas lunch I just got it out and cut it out of felt this time.  I know there were lots of reindeer but I was content to just cut out two.   I could have gone on and on sewing on stars so I had to say to myself enough!

When I tried the top on I decided the sleeves needed a cuff so I quickly added these, I think it looks more finished off than in the first picture and has the bonus of keeping the heat in. I think I will probably wear this more than if I had just bought a novelty woolly jumper.

If you would like to see what I used the reindeer template for last year it is in this post, I am sure it will be used again in the future.  Every year I think I might make some cushions just for Christmas but I never get around to it, maybe next year?  I think what puts me off is that they would be on for such a short time.

While browsing the other day I saw a lovely Christmas dress by My dear Lizzie, just the thing to wear on Christmas day (while inside of course). I am sure many layers will be required when we venture out so while it is nice to dress up, the jeans will be back on for dog walking.

Anyway not long to go now, I wonder if I can fit one more make in before Christmas alongside the curtains I need to shorten?


  1. That is a corker - you have to do Christmas jumpers in your own style, it is the only way.


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