Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Change, Work and What if...

There must be something odd in the air at the moment as everywhere I turn there is someone having a change of direction, change of career, change of location even on the blogs I read people are hinting that it might be time to learn a new skill, retrain or move on.  With our working lives stretching on for longer now it is not surprising that many feel they ought to be doing something that brings them more joy.

A cute idea but working with mad brides is not for me.

I have in the past toyed with the idea of doing more in the way of sewing, and while I enjoy it there is always that doubt that if it became the main source of income would it take all the pleasure out of it? 
A couple of years ago when one of my friends got married she bought me a book called Handmade Weddings.  I had made a couple of table runners for her and while she was researching her ideas she told me that I should do that kind of thing, banners, bunting and little gifts, favours and the kinds of things that sell at wedding fairs.  Well I didn't go for that idea but the book is lovely and has some cute ideas for gifts.  I know this as I dug it out for a ponder earlier.  I am very happy in what I do (mostly) but it is good to be reminded that there are many skills to draw from and that we are not stuck in any situation should our feelings change.

Then when I checked my email I had one from Do what you love for life this particular post was not particularly encouraging you to change what you do but rather to explore and re-evaluate the value of it in terms of time and personal cost. The author was explaining how she had recently done a used baby item sale, spent a whole day on stall, hours of repackaging and preparation and missed out on a day of her weekend all for £50 which did not include her transport costs. 

Depending on your situation I suppose you have to calculate what your time means to you and how much you are prepared to give, how much time that can never be replaced.  This was the reason I chose to reduce my hours last year when my father was ill and I have kept them the same ever since. 
I think it is good to have options, to keep learning and be aware of what you enjoy and what skills you have, but for now I enjoy going to work and sewing as a hobby. 

Now after that strange diversion I would like to share the gift ideas that came to mind when flicking through the wedding book.

This lovely favour could be a pin cushion.

These button holes would make good brooches with a proper clip on the back.

I love the ruffled purse, in a deep colour it  would make a great clutch bag for party season.

A few ideas came from a quick glance at a forgotten book, it just shows there is inspiration everywhere.

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  1. Those brooch pins are gorgeous. I value my time much more than money so I liked reading your musings on the matter. Jo x


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