Saturday, 5 November 2016

Autumn Wool Skirt Ideas

A couple of weeks ago I bought a fabulous little remnant of wool mix fabric when I was out shopping for the new lining for my jacket. It is grey and has a tweed feel to it however the cost was only £2, it is a good sized piece and I also bought lining to match which cost me the same as the fabric. 

Usually I just jump straight in and make the first thing that comes to mind and usually this works pretty well but recently I have decided to try and keep track of the items I make. I thought it would be nice to keep some sort of paper record other than this blog so I have decided on a small note book.  I began with my recent apron and I thought I would continue in this vain.  It is a shame that I didn't do this years ago as there are so many things that have been made for myself and others that have now gone forever but here is a start.

Here are my ideas for my autumn skirt...

Now I am no fashion artist so this is purely for my own train of thought but I have seen a few skirts that gather from the waist slightly and I don't think there is enough fabric for that.  I also like the one pleat front (see above but imagine just one centre pleat). Other thoughts were adding a pocket within a placket as I have a zip with heavy metal teeth in my stash or some detail waistband tabs with button detail.

The skirt will be lined as I like my clothes to have some substance and it prevents tights from grabbing on the fabric.  It will also be slightly longer than the one in the diagram, other than that it is still up in the air at the moment but I will be using elements from the picture above I just haven't made my mind up yet.  I hope to begin this tomorrow along with a party dress alteration for a colleague of my husband.

I had a little peak on the Betz white blog and there is a gorgeous little tree ornament stitch along, I am not going to take part but what a lovely idea, I may take a few ideas from pinterest nearer the time and  make a few things.  If you have time maybe take a look you may find some inspiration.

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  1. What a bargain - I am looking forward to that one. My daughter does sketches like this and even though she is only nine she likes to pretend she is fashion designer. Jo x


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