Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The machine is gathering dust!

I have been a little distracted this last couple of weeks and sewing has taken a back seat.  I decided I wanted to learn to play guitar and I have tried before on  my own from children's books but I got fed up of playing nursery rhymes! I have resolved not to give up this time and I am following an online tutor justinguitar.com
 I have also bought a new guitar, an acoustic,  the one I had my husband bought a few years ago and was a classical.  I have been practising every day for hours! Obviously I can't do much of anything yet but my fingers are certainly getting tougher and a bit stretchier so I am sure in time it will come.

I have bought a couple of books from justinguitar one from a music shop in the city and I have ordered another from the site direct but unfortunately this one has not arrived! It is a good site and relies on donations and purchases to fund it but it is free to those who can't afford any of that.
So currently my sewing machine does not call to me, wanting to learn to play is occupying all of my free time and as I am now back at work I am having to choose one or the other.  I will see if I can spare the machine some time at the weekend!

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