Thursday, 11 September 2014

Late Summer Lethargy

I haven't  updated this as often recently, or done much sewing, exercising, reading (other than online) or learning Spanish for the last two weeks! I know it's disgusting isn't it? I need to get on with stuff! On the plus side I have practised my guitar every day but I seem to have chopped everything else for the time being.
That is not good, we need balance and I suppose if I go on like this I could ruin my enjoyment by making it the only interest.
There has been  some sewing for others but that is not really sewing in its role as a fun hobby but more an extension of work.
I do wonder whether I should feel guilty or if this slump is just a natural slowing down for a few weeks that I needed to take.  Any motivational book you read ( and I do like those) will tell you to get stuff done, get on, write lists, make stuff happen.  Should we feel guilty when we take our foot off the pedal? Are we allowed a few weeks of not maximising every minute?

It is probably ok  as long as it doesn't become a habit, days should be made the most of but if we are feeling run down then our bodies are probably telling us we need to slow down for a while ( although if you feel like that all the time, see a doctor!)
There is a wonderful list on the The positivity blog 25 ways to motivate yourself. I will be trying most  of them over the coming weeks to get back to a place where I feel more in control of my time. Thank you Henrik.
Personally I think it could be the end of the summer blues, if there is such a thing if not I just invented it.

It has been lovely this week while I was stuck in work (and many of you) and a couple of times I just got home and thought I'd take my cuppa outside and the sun went in or it turned cool. Grrr!! not good.
However new term started I need to get on and make the most of all those bits of daylight we have left when I get home then try and find something to love about the dark nights. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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