Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Black Denim Jacket Finished

I finished the jacket and quite a lot of time went into this, more so because of the lining which I like to finish off by hand where it meets the jacket as the lining fitted this jacket so closely I had to ensure it sat well.
The buttons I chose were 50p each which is more than I would ever normally spend on buttons but they were the only ones in the shop that I felt went with it.  I also did not have any to re-purpose for this project.
I would have needed 10 buttons but they only had 8 and as I really wanted them I decided to make the jacket without the side straps. ( You know the little tabs on either side of denim jackets that have a little button)
A day light picture!
Here you can see the pink and white lining

I don't think you can see clearly here but the buttons have a sight curve and are a bit distressed not just plain silver. It gives it a bit more interest. Still needing a bit more more pressing around the last few finished edged to make it more crisp.

I have just looked at this picture and thought I should have added an inside pocket it would have taken no extra time at all really. Damn! I will have to do another in a different colour.
I thought I may as well go outside in the last bit of daylight and take a couple wearing it. 

A couple of things I will change, as I said the other day I will make the pattern a little smaller in the back but it is ok for fitting winter stuff under without being bulky.  I will probably buy ordinary cheap lining in a bright colour, the Paul Smith is lovely but for what you see of it, hardly worth the extra. ( Just a little design feature I fancied really that only I really know about. Oh and now you!) 
I will also have to start sourcing buttons again, years ago I used to have quite a collection but many bags and clothes later I have used them all up and wow have they gone up in price.
Another good thing that has come out of making such a time consuming item is it makes you really think how on earth can they ever sell stuff in Primark for a fiver and anybody make a living? People are getting screwed over so others can have cheap clothes.  Maybe everyone should have to make a really time consuming item and then get paid a few pence for their trouble and see how well that sits with them.
Sorry I am dissolving into a rant on ethical clothing, back soon.


  1. Very nice indeed, you have made the jacket beautifully.
    I think that you are very speedy, it would have taken me ages. You are juggling work, home and family, so I think you have done brilliantly.
    Well done!
    Pam in TX.xx

  2. You are so clever! That looks lovely, I love the lining and the buttons are perfect :)

  3. Thank you for your kind comments. xx

  4. It looks lovely, you have made such a good job of it.


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