Sunday, 9 March 2014

A few bargains for March

I have been a bit absent this last week or so. I did intend to do all sorts of sewing half term week but I didn't just a few alterations for people, then this last week I started my new job on Monday which is just a little further away and an earlier start.  So earlier morning wake ups, and then trapped nerve Tuesday morning in my back (great!) I've got through my first week and everyone has been so welcoming (although they may all think I walk funny with the bad back thing!) it was strange to leave my last job but definitely the right thing to do.  It just goes to show if something is not right change it, there will be something else if you keep looking or if it is something about yourself you need to change just keep at it.  Anyway again this week the only sewing I have done is  a few dress alterations for other people but it brought in a little extra then today we went to Matalan for essential underwear only with a trip around garden centre on the way back but while I was there they had a sale.  Now it was a winter sale but the items I picked up are easily spring items so that is a bit confusing but still here they are...
cute  skirt £7
cute  skirt number 2 £7
Both of these skirts are unlined and will see me through the spring /summer but also with thick tights or leggings Autumn /Winter too.I also got...

Thick long sleeved top £5
Same top different colour £5

Now I don't shop for  recreation I get bored and most of the time I just find that I feel the items are just not worth the asking price, I went in for underwear and saw these items that were good value and I knew they would get a lot of wear so I bought them.  I like to be frugal but sometimes you are better off getting things you know you will need when you see them at a good price.  It is also good to stay out of the shops most of the time as some people always use 'it was a bargain' as an excuse for overspending.  I know I don't do that and this is my first clothing purchase this year and probably my last for a while so it is not a problem.

I went yesterday to get my photograph taken with the children for our passports and was shocked to see it was £5 for each of us in the booth! That just shows how long it has been for me since I stepped in one of those.  I now also have the expense of the passport applications but we did decide to go to Italy this year so I can't complain, we have organised the holiday ourselves no tour operator as school holiday times are costly enough.  At the end of May we will be going here..

So some of the frugal things I do add up so we can do things we really want to  do and know that we have saved for it.  We will only be staying for 4 nights but we are really looking forward to it seeing the sights and experiencing another country with the children. We are not going to lay on the beach but that is good also if that's what you like to do, I want to see as much as I can of the surrounding area in the few days we have so if we snooze we might miss it!   No more clothes spending for me between now and then I have enough summer clothes to take and my bargains of today will pad out my spring wardrobe.

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