Sunday, 16 March 2014

Fabric Brooch Tutorial

I thought I would show step by step what I did with the fabric scraps I mentioned the other day.  I decided on a brooch and here is how I went about it.
I laid out the shapes I had cut out onto scraps of denim.
Doing this gives the cotton a bit of stability if you just back it in another cotton it is too floppy. When you have the pieces in place zig zag around your shapes neatly ( I find its better to do this first, if you cut the denim out first then zig zag your shape isn't as good)

When you have gone around all your pieces cut them out carefully making sure not to catch any of your stitching. It is best to leave a very fine denim border then you can run your finger along it to make any frayed bits stand out, then gently trim with small sharp scissors.
Now you need to arrange your pieces on the table to see if you are happy with it.  I have backed the orange circle in green felt, looking at it I decided I didn't think the little white button and pale pink fabric did anything for the overall look.  I found a small piece of hot pink felt and a gold button in my sewing box (well two actually) with lots of colours in it.  I decided to add these.  If you like the arrangement you can n ow start to sew the petals on by hand, or machine if you wish.
Keep adding as you go working around a felt circle, I think if you do this by hand you can move it better, also its something you could do while sat watching the T.V. When all the petals are on place your central circles, stitch through using small invisible stitches where your button will go, then securely sew on your button.

Now turn it over and sew on a brooch fastener on the back, I got mine from hobby craft a while ago for £2.40 I think, you get 24 in a pack though so they are inexpensive. I stitched this bit by hand also as you want to make it secure through each of the little holes but don't catch through to the good side. 

I like the way the petals naturally want to curl just as they would on a real flower, you will see what I mean if you have a go.  I have a bag my parents bought me and the buckles keep coming away as they just sloton the bag. I tries this brooch over one to keep it in place and found the colours go perfectly!  I didn't plan that when I cut these bits out the other day. I like it when things work out like that.  Here it is on the bag..
This is the first bag i have used for years that I haven't made myself, it was a gift from my parents but adding this brooch makes it more mine.  I like the splash of colour.

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