Monday, 10 March 2014

This weeks reading

I have been reading Awaken the giant within by Anthony Robbins and finding it really useful but also a bit confusing in places.  If you go on his website you can watch some of his talks and they are super inspirational however there are parts of the book that I feel focuses too much on material things.  I know a lot of people link their  goal setting to career mainly and income but I often steer clear of the books that use this heavily as motivation.  Look at all the people who earn vast fortunes but end up with various addictions and countless divorces.  I think any kind of self help book should encourage people to look at all areas and to always want to add something to your life that will give you peace, not just ways to motivate you to increase your income.
I do feel Awaken the Giant Within covers a lot of areas but it doesn't need the little suggestions of the authors wealth scattered throughout the book the way they are, for example he mentions 'his castle' 'chartering a plane' 'looking at buying an island' (what!!!) I think this cheapens the book.  If all people want is a blueprint to be rich then they wont enrich their lives just by chasing money.  He talks a lot about contribution and he himself has set up a charitable organisation which is fantastic but we don't need to keep hearing about the expensive toys every few pages or the name dropping.  It could just be me and I will read his other books to see what they have to offer but the flaunting of the wealth for me is a no no.  I think he has done incredibly well and helped lots of people but by having these little showy bits in it could lead people to chase the wrong things in life.

I got this book from the library and I ordered it months ago but reading is something I love and thanks to the library I can read as much as I want.  My goals have always been to have a happy life with my family, to enjoy my work and to continue to learn and grow.  I don't feel any of these goals require me to be rich, of course we need to have employment but if you treat what you have with respect many people are in a position to live a comfortable life provided they can find employment. The reason a lot of people feel unhappy is because they look to celebrity magazines and so on and wish they could have all the riches they see there.  I don't think that has a place in a self help book.  People need to be inspired to be more creative with the talents they have and also to grow as people rather than acquiring things.
I feel I have had a bit of a rant  but I will be back tomorrow with sewing. Promise.   


  1. i love AR's books - I've read them all

    1. Maybe you can direct me on which one to read next. I have read lots of books on personal growth but I think you have to continue with this type of material throughout your life. We keep needing those reminders don't we. (well I do!) x


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