Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lego can be frugal or super expensive you choose

I was prompted to write this by the fact that we have just been to see the Lego movie as my son just loves Lego, both my boys do actually and we have a house full of it. I enjoyed the film but  have to say going to the cinema is so expensive!  I had decided to take them as a School holiday treat. It was a treat I must stress as I wouldn't be able to justify spending £17.50 for three people to see a film while lots of other people make lots of noise around them on a regular basis.
Over the years my boys have had Lego as Birthday or Christmas presents or bought it with bits  of money they have saved.  Something that has bothered me over the years though is the move away from basic sets to the more themed ones which are just ridiculously priced.  The original idea behind Lego was that you can use it over and over and it never has to be the same thing twice, making it the perfect value for money toy.  You can watch a wonderful little animated history of Lego by clicking this link. Lego story or just click on the image below, I believe they both work!

                                                    Watch The Lego Story it's so nice

I liked that the film had the message you don't have to follow the instructions, this would apply in life as well as with Lego and had some messages in there that only the adults would probably get.  The sad thing is that although it gives the super message of what Lego is all about, building whatever you want with the pieces you have. They then go and spoil it by stocking in every shop Lego movie themed sets! Argh!!!   I suppose there will always be people, adults and children who just have to follow the instructions no matter what.   Of course the real life President business has to keep those commercial wheels turning.  ( You will not know who this is unless you watch the film)
I was very proud that my children came home and started building with their existing Lego and did not even contemplate asking for more, I'm not saying this never happens but we had a little joke about the film and they are intelligent enough to get it.
I would also like to share what my son made for me the other day.

 It reads 'I'm in!' and it is the slogan for the current Mary's Meals campaign.. if you haven't had a look  at what this charity is about please take a look now here Mary's Meals

The idea is you make your own 'I'm in' poster of some description and share it on facebook with a link to Mary's Meals. 
It really is a great charity and I like that it's about educating  children but getting them to access this through a guaranteed meal.  This not only ensures the children are fed but also they will have better prospects so it helps break the cycle. Super work. 

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