Wednesday, 14 October 2015

New Puppy

I've been busy again this month but for a different reason, we have a new family member Marvin the jug. (half pug half Jack Russel)
He takes up a lot of time because you have to have your eye on him all the time, house training and making sure he is safe. Also as I have two other dogs I have to make sure he is not bothering them as he is young and very nippy at the moment!

He doesn't stay with my other two when we are out as I don't trust them together yet and it wouldn't be fair on the older two so he has his own pen in the hallway. So I hope to be sewing again soon, he just needs to calm down a little so I can take my eyes off him without him chasing the other two around the house!


  1. Oh he is adorable!!!! I really miss having a dog, pity I don't live nearer I would be begging to come over to cuddle him :)

  2. What a sweetheart, he is adorable. I have never heard of the breed, but I am smitten.
    Looking forward to seeing future pictures.
    I imagine he is taking a lot of your time at the moment.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Pam in TX.xx


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