Friday, 30 October 2015

Recycled Denim Bag

Now I haven't done any bag making for a while mainly because like I mentioned the other day I am looking for new ways to sell them but I had some old denim a friend gave me so I thought I would get on with a couple.

This first one is complete and I really like this myself (this is my trouble I always want to keep them) I like red with denim and funnily enough I am wearing jeans and a red long sleeved top today, that's probably why I took a fancy to this bag as it goes perfectly.

It is quite a good colour on the denim so I don't know why she was tired of these jeans but not to complain free fabric and all.  The grey and red I had from another project that didn't work out, there is more left so it will be seen in other things!
It has a zip fastener across the top.

The red ribbon is from a Thorntons box, just enough to go down the front and the back.

The silver button was from my jar of odd buttons.

I have lined the inside and there is an inside pocket also, I'm not sure whether to list it on folksy or try one of the  other craft sites that I have been looking at. I will have a think about it.

At least I feel I have stuck to my resolve of doing one thing each day this week, it is too easy to slip out of the habit of making things and while it might not be for everyone I always feel better if I have completed something.  
Now I need to start that caravan machine cover, I have it drawn up  I just need to cut it out.

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