Friday, 2 August 2019


Well some incredible has happened this week, we have actually been away on holiday in the UK and had sunshine almost everyday.  The only day it was overcast all day was Sunday, so we are very pleased.  More so because before we went away my husband said if we get another week of bad weather we are never booking anything again!  Oh dear, as we usually turn the weather as soon as we set off on the road.

We visited Anglesey Cemaes Bay and headed off to a different spot in the surrounding area each day.  It is beautiful and we will definitely be returning one day, we did lots of coastal walking up and down hills and saw some picturesque seaside towns.

Cemaes Bay itself is worth a visit, it is small and quiet but has everything you need, on the beach is St Patricks's bell, legend has it that St Patrick was shipwrecked at Ynys Badrig where he founded his first church and the bell has been erected in honour of that.

We had a walk up to the little church along the coastal path, it is small and well kept with information about the place inside.  It has an honesty box to support the upkeep and I think it is good that there are still places where this trust in visitors exists.  There are many places where even the toilets are locked.
This was our first day so the overcast one!

The next day we visited Breakwater country park, this was a wonderful place walks in different directions some of which were quite challenging.  There was an outdoor gallery and that was interesting to look at.
One of the views on our walk

I  took loads of these so I feel I may bore you with them, let me know if you want to see more and I will put them in another post.

We also visited Treardurr  Bay, this was much busier than where we stayed and with the baking sun you really could have been anywhere in Europe.  It has a lovely stretch of beach and was full of families enjoying the weather. 

 Amlwch was the nearest small town with a supermarket and used to be a port where copper was exported all over the world.
Beaurmaris  was beautiful with a pier and lots of pretty painted buildings, though I have to say we found that every where we went. There were certain parts of the beach where the dogs could go on so we let them have a little paddle but we are not sitting on the beach types, so not being able to access all of it was not a problem.
I don't know why but my dogs couldn't wait to get off here, it was as if they knew they were not on solid ground and no it wasn't too hot I checked with my hand.  We had plenty of rests, drinks sat under tables (the dogs not us!)  in the shade and we never stay out for a full day just a few hours here and there.
 Our house that we stayed in had a hot tub and before we left I made this bikini, the yellow straps are recycled from an old one but the rest is made from bits of scuba from a dress I made.  I just used an old bikini as a template.
Well that is all for now, my husband has more photos so I will share more in a different post if you are not already fed up of my holiday snaps. Back soon.


  1. How beautiful! We went some years ago when we holidayed in north Wales and it was teeming down. We managed a quick look at the railway station, which at that time looked very unkempt. I would like to visit again sometime and have a proper look at the village and island. Best, Jane x

  2. It was a delight to wander with you and take in the views. Looks like a great place for a holiday and thrilled for you that the weather was good.

  3. What beautiful scenery & I love the old stone buildings - such history & character.

  4. What a beautiful place to explore on your holidays and even better for you that the weather was so gorgeous. I personally never tire from looking at photos of lovely places. xx Susan

  5. glad you had good weather, it looks a beautiful place.


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