Saturday, 18 September 2021

September Days

 Hello everyone, a bit of a busy few weeks here.  We are  back to school  a new term and I have  caught a cold again!  I am pretty certain it is from the same little person who gave it to me before the summer hloidays because they have come back full of it, oh dear.  Anyway that aside I have completed quite a few sewing jobs but can only share a few as some of them are for Minerva videos that won' go live yet.  I am quite nervous that when they do go live people will like them/find them helpful, I hope so but I suppose I just have to get over that. 

We had another weekend away at Leyburn two weeks ago and that was lovely, we met with some of our family who have a static caravan out that way and we managed to find the most gorgeous small CL site just five minute from the site that they are on.  We had a day out in Richmond with lovely walks around the town charity shops then along the river and stopped at a little micro brewery on our way back for a drink outside.  I tried this amazing rhubarb and apple cider, liked it that much I brought some home with me. 

This is a picture I took on our walk, it was quite overcast on this particular day but still quite warm and lovely to be out.

Here I am wearing one of this months makes, this is my minerva make for the month and I used the Freya dress/top pattern to make this as I find it very reliable in fit and just very comfy to wear.  The fabric has little stars on it in peach and mint I thought it went well with our caravan but you can't really see them here in this image. 

My other Minerva make was this dress using a Simple sew pattern for the Sienna dress, I have worn it without a top underneath on a warm day but my intention is that it is worn with a long sleeve top for the Autumn.  Here I took pictures both ways so you can see the difference.  It has little bears on it so a very different fabric choice.

It is a polycotton fabric and reasonably priced if you are interested, although wearing little bears on your dress may not be your thing!

After I shared my last few £1 buys from the charity shop I got a few more ready to remake, as soon as I get a minute I will share those.  I have just the plan for one of the dresses based on a pattern I have seen, I will not be buying the pattern as it is about £18 but I will be copying the image. 

On Thursday we went to the cinema I really enjoyed it, we went to the Penistone Paramount and this is a lovely old fashioned cinema that still has the original seats, curtains and half time intermission.  It is like stepping back in time, it is lovely.  It also doesn't get full of people kicking the back of your seats and munching snacks through the films so that is a bonus.  We saw The Courier and I would recommend it. 

We have added some fake grass recently to the top of our garden just to break up the slate a bit, it is very practical with dogs although they do tend to go and do their businness right smack in the middle of it, but at least it is easy to see to pick up.  My husband fitted it and we bought it from a local carpet shop. I find this quite funny that we are technically buying carpet for the garden but our dogs just ruined the real grass when we had it, it just ended up muddy tracks where they ran around the same spots. 

A lot of things have gone over in the garden now but the Cosmos are doing so well.  My only thought is that next year I will conrol them better a s they do tend to flop every where.  I think my pear tree has some sort of disease as it does not look very well at all, orange spots on the leaves I am going to look that up now.  We have put some lights around the seat at the top of the garden, they are solar so they only come on if we have had adequate light during the day  but they look nice from the window at night when they are on.

 I hope you are all having a fabulous week wherever you are and if you are in the UK that you are  making the most of these last sunny days while they continue.
Take care. 


  1. Preciosas fotos y tu vestido es monĂ­simo. BESICOS.

  2. Very unusal for me, I'm anxious for fall. Bring it on: the fog, the cool, the shorter days. :-) However, the golden sun of September is always a bliss! Have a nice weekend! Regula

  3. I hope you are over the cold now, never pleasant to have a blocked nose and all. Lovely September so far, I am quite enjoying mine and it looks like yours is nice, too.

  4. Cosmos is running rampant here too! Your dress is super cute and so versatile. Jo x

  5. The Freya top is one of my favourite patterns and the dress looks great too.


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