Wednesday, 28 February 2018

On the Mannequin

At the weekend I did something quite unusual and bought a sewing magazine, much as I like to flick through them there isn't usually much to grab me but I took the plunge and bought sewing world.  It has a nice shift dress pattern but I already made my own pattern for one of those so that is no real gain.  With it came a paper pattern for a three quarter jacket so I thought I'd make that for a change.
When I got it out though it was printed on both sides so I still had to get tracing paper (read baking paper!) out and mark out.    As these magazines are quite expensive for what they are I feel for many people getting the proper pattern is the bonus of them, so I think this might be a disappointment  for a few people.

When I had a read through it did have a few nice ideas but not a lot I want to make, cross stitch, a bag  and some coasters. I then read it was it's last issue after twenty two years, this is a shame because although it is not quite for me I am sure there will be plenty of fans who will miss it dearly, not to mention the staff who produce it.

So the pattern that came with it was a Pattern House one, and maybe this tracing off thing is the way a lot of patterns are going but I still think a full pattern for the main event would have been better.  It is called the Eve Jacket, I like the grey on the cover so I bought a nice medium jersey at the weekend. When I cut it out I also cut a lining which is not stated in the pattern and the jury is out on that at the moment as I keep faffing with it on the mannequin thinking it is pulling out of shape.  So we will see, it may not stay.
 Now the fabric that I bought has a reverse side of sparkly silver or maybe that should be the right side but the bolt was rolled the other way.  If it was near Christmas maybe I would have used it that way but as it is I have gone for the plain grey side.  I thought a lining would give it more substance so that is just on trial.  I did also cut the sleeves full length on my jacket then changed my mind and lopped them off.

Here it is so far while I decide on the lining, I also need to press all seams and put the interfacing on.  I am still not sure if the style is for me but you don't know unless you try something different and I do tend to stick to the same things.

I really like the look of the Knipmode magazine but you can't just get it direct here without contacting them and then waiting for a response, it looks a bit like Burda magazine where you do have to trace off but it looks it bit more modern.  I may have mentioned it before but it seems a shame they are not more accessible,  I watched a YouTube  review of some French magazines too and they all looked really exciting.  Maybe I am just intrigued because they are not available here and it is a case of what you can't have.  If anyone has any recommendations for worthwhile publications let me know. I don't like it when they always feature a basic t shirt or a dress with a few pleats in the skirt.  I pulled a few off the shelf when I bought the magazine last week and they all seemed to have similar patterns on them.  As I have said I don't use many patterns but I though it would be good this year to try some new things.

Today was a snow day, I have probably squandered it but never mind.  I watched the news, had a slow breakfast and pondered what is in the freezer so that I don't over food shop this week.  This is not because I buy huge amounts I am quite good with this usually it is just last week there was stuff for the bin which drove me made as I hate waste. We then went shopping and spent more than usual so I was grumpy when I got back, I am shopping alone this week so I will stick to my plan.  I also saw some potatoes in the cupboard which may not last the week so they have been par boiled and frozen to save any future waste.  There were also a few  potatoes chopped ready for tonight's stew for the meat eaters, I'm also making a tofu and spinach lasagne, trust me that tastes better than it sounds.

So I will go now and have another look at the jacket and get the dinner started, keep safe in the snow everyone.


  1. What a lovely jacket and I would imagine so useful as the colour of it will go so well with many others. Thankfully living on the West, we have had no sno and as yet none predicted.

  2. I think this jacket will be a great wardrobe staple when you get a chance to finish it!


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