Sunday, 11 February 2018

Another go at Fabric Printing

So here we are in February and I haven't got anything much to report on the sewing front again, just the usual repairs I always think they don't make for very interesting sharing unless it's a makeover of something or a how to.  This week we all have the cold again! We only had it just under two weeks ago so I will be really happy when the cold season is over.

I have finished another Margaret Atwood book 'Hagseed' and that makes three of hers in a row so I think I am going to go for something different now and come back to her as an author later. Also in books I have read and used The Complete Pilates Tutor' from the library and that book is amazing it gives really detailed information on the anatomy and various postural problems with workouts for correcting them,  really good if you are interested in this and like to try these things out at home.  I did try to buy a copy of this but it was not in stock at quite a few places and used it was coming up at £30! I am not paying that for a used book, so after reading a few reviews I found this one...
I am so pleased with this, it was 60p plus £2.80 postage and when it came it looked brand new, it is colour coded from beginner to advanced and again gives lots of background information.  The reason I wanted to own a book on this subject is because it is fine to get novels from the library but I couldn't digest and recall all the information I got from this book in a couple of weeks. Also there are so many detailed illustrations of the exercises so the  best thing to do was find a used one.

We did manage to get out yesterday for some food to celebrate my mum's birthday, everyone enjoyed that, mine was not great to be honest but I didn't let on as I didn't want to moan.  It was a chickpea curry, I make that all the time at home and it is lovely and so easy, what is it with these kitchens when faced with a meatless dish they have to serve up some crap! Sorry but I really don't get it.  It was our treat so as I said I didn't say anything because I wouldn't want my mum embarrassed she is of the old school grin and bear it even if your paying for it so I did. :(

When we got back I decided I wanted to make something but I didn't know what, my husband has put two shirts aside as they are no longer brilliant white and given them to me for buttons etc.  I decided I would do some printing with a pot of red fabric paint I had and a potato (Ha) I have done this before.  He said very primary school, well yes but it works.  I cut my shape and I was happy with it, I had resized the shirt pieces thinking I would make a little top so spent ages repainting the spud, and printing all the pieces ( you can' t just dip it as it isn't even) then when I looked at them hung up I don't think I like it.  Some of the shapes are a little irregular now that is to be expected but it is the shape and colour, I was looking at them and thought urgh, it looks like a chicken has wandered through some blood.  Now is that me being weird? but it put me right off it.
So now they are sat on sewing table and I'm thinking what am I going to do with those, is there any point making it up into a garment if I'm not sure. Also an hour or so when I could have been making something else. Oh well you have to try these things I suppose.

I still have my zebra fabric to make up but don't want to cut into to it until I'm sure, there is still that nagging feeling that a lot of what is currently in my wardrobe is not getting much wear so I am trying to be more careful what I spend my time making rather than just diving in.  Unfortunately this can result in a stale mate while I ponder what to do.

On Friday I managed to take nine items to the charity shop, this is something I need to get back into this year.  Having a bit of a sort through things that just accumulate, I am sure there are plenty of things in the boys cupboards from when they were younger and I have a way to go too.  I can be pretty good at leaving the charity shop with items so I have to make sure there is more going in there  than coming out.  That can be my challenge I am not allowed to leave with anything unless I have taken a few things in.  I did try about a year ago getting rid of an item a day, but you soon forget and can also cheat if you think about it as you could just be taking out a pencil or something trivial. It seems to work better for me if I do it in chunks at a weekend then I can see a full bag of items I no longer use leaving the house, and hopefully being put to use by someone else.

It will soon be half term and I have a lot of decorating to do so I am hoping I can get on top the decluttering mission, it is difficult when other people keep buying items in boxes and saying don't throw that out I may sell it on later and need the box. That is oldest son who has boxes breeding in his wardrobe.  I will keep trying though.


  1. Napkins maybe? I was amazed how much we got rid of when we moved. We were downsizing but even so there was a lot of stuff.

  2. I thought napkins too. Everyone is on a spring clean - good luck with yours. Jo xxx


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