Monday, 23 January 2017

Problem Fabric

I made a dress over the weekend and I had decided to use one of the patterns that came with the magazines  that I got for Christmas.  A nice style but I felt the recommendations for the amount of fabric were way too much but then they always are.  I used the red fabric I bought before Christmas and I really wish I hadn't,  it was awful!  Such a woven nature to it that it literally fell apart as you cut it, but instead of trusting my instincts which said this was a bad idea I carried on and it didn't make for enjoyable sewing.

The  sewing pattern is very nice, I will make it again but I will add a little length to the body as I feel the waist sits a little high on me, I will certainly  not use this type of fabric again.

This is the magazine it came with.

I liked the style of the sleeve and neck on the dress but I am  sure I would have made a neater job had I not been grappling with a self destruct fabric.

When I tried the dress on I felt it looked frumpy, I'm not sure if I have taken a dislike to it due the  problems with it but I can't see myself wearing it.  This is a shame but not all is wasted, I know what I like about the pattern, I know it works with maybe a small adjustment to bodice length and I know what not to buy again.  So like they say you always learn something.

The fabric is also quite thick which doesn't really suit the style so the gathers hang in a bulky way.  Never mind, in all the years I have been sewing there have only been a few items that I have really not liked, it is just a pity it is the first item of the year.

On a positive note I did a few alterations for someone I know last week and a few repairs for myself I also made a few birthday cards.  I am trying to stick to recycled paper for the cards, I don't like the way there are ready made things to stick on cards as this defeats the idea of making them yourself if you ask me.  With that in mind mine probably don't look polished, maybe more rustic (ha).

Maybe this is just me showing my age but I can't quite believe we are already so far through January, with feeling a bit run down and the dark evenings I just don't feel like I am getting much done.  Making something however small helps me feel a little productive so maybe I need to concentrate on small projects in between the bigger ones.

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