Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New Start

Hello I hope everyone has made a good start to the year in a positive frame of mind, that is tricky I know with all these  viruses still floating around.  I didn't get much making done over the Christmas period other than a set of napkins for my Christmas table.  I was really pleased with them though as all they cost me in fabric was a pair of pillow slips from the charity shop for £1.50.

 I quickly whipped those up on Christmas Eve, I also saw this name place idea on pinterest so just copied the image free hand and coloured them...
So that was that sorted I don't spend a lot on dressing the table just a few candles, a table cloth and some tinsel etc and it will do.  I have a real annoyance with crackers as well, I used to buy them when the children were little but they are such a waste of paper and money so now I don't bother.

I also made  some 3D paper snow flakes to hang from the light fitting above the dining table and I have left those up as I have decided that is a winter themed decoration not a Christmas one.
So much you can do with  simple piece of paper, this is something I want to explore a bit more this coming year I think. Paper crafts have such low costs if you stick to recycled materials and stay clear of all the fancy tools and machines.

I still haven't made up the red and black check fabric I bought in December so no fabric purchases for me until that is complete, but I do have a couple of sewing magazines that I will share another day.  They are not something I usually buy but my husband bought them for me for Christmas and there are  a few nice ideas.   I had thought about a subscription to one but I am still undecided on that, I think I mainly like the idea of the magazine coming in the post once a month as a little treat.  If I tell myself I can just go and buy one anytime I never will.

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  1. I make all my own birthday cards with nothing more than a glue stick and some scissors. I use lots of recycled stuff - you would really enjoy it. I had a magazine called the dressmaker but I find that it is hard to find a magazine that is not for beginners, I tink you would feel like that too so I buy one every now and again when a free pattern interests me. Jo x


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