Monday, 2 May 2016

This Week

Just had a lovely long weekend despite the rubbish weather and I have resolved to always feel this gratitude whatever the weather is doing, I admit to being a bit of a summer girl and living in England this can result in disappointment.
Today I had a really good long walk in the pouring rain, and the trick is loud rock music and a good coat. Although when I got home my raincoat had let water through but never mind I just got changed.

Books this week, I have finished The Girl Who Fell from the  Sky, I started it a few weeks ago but as usual I have had a few on the go along side it, philosophy and crafts and stuff. I also read As A Man Thinketh  which came yesterday and I read this morning but it was short but amazing!  The third book I read was The Story this is a Christian book and worth reading if you are interested in this area/faith.
I really must try and read my books as I acquire them but I always tend to dip in and out of them. I've always been that way since I was a child, I always have a few on the go.

I have just added Semper app Semper to my tablet to help with learning Spanish vocab it is quite good as it gives you a little quiz every time you switch it on.

Currently listening to  'Away from The Sun, Three Doors Down', I've had this a month or so but just really getting into it now.  Also listening to lots of Snow Patrol today just enjoying them again right now.

Another thing this week is check lists, I fall in and out of doing these but I'm currently in favour of them as you sometimes feel you haven't accomplished much when really you have done an awful lot.  So as well as keeping you on track they also provide a bit of evidence just for you that no you haven't wasted your day, you achieved rather a lot and be proud!  So yes, ticking things off right now.

 Right off to watch Game of Thrones.

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