Sunday, 15 May 2016

Pyjamas from a Duvet Set (Re-fashion)

Well I kept on staring at the duvet set that I bought from the charity shop and it was telling me it should be pyjama bottoms. Other ideas were passing through my mind but this one was recurring so I got on and made them.  They were complete in under an hour and I am sure they will be really comfy to sit around in the evening.  I am not a fan of nightwear but it is good to wear around the house when you come home and just want to be comfortable.  I usually change out of work clothes into jeans when I get in to walk the dogs but late evening these will be ideal.
I had to put them on to get a clear daytime shot.
Obviously I won't be wearing them outside with shoes normally! I am only on the back garden here.

So that can be my 'me made May' for today, I have been having a look and the only rules I can see is that you wear something handmade by yourself every day.  I have been doing that but forgetting to photograph and post, so that is today sorted.

We have had a lovely lunch I made the curried aubergine slices from the Prashad at Home cook book I got from the library, meat eaters had chicken and a taste of the veggie food. We also had chickpea burgers that I made and froze the other day, a home made slaw of all kinds of veg whizzed through the food processor (a present from my husband on Friday) potatoes and chutney.  Desert is the berry vegan cheese cake I made last week and froze, off to eat that now!


  1. The fabric came in well didn't it. There are no rules to Me Made May, you can post whatever you want, it is just to encourage people to join in and sew. What are you going to do with the rest? Jo x

  2. I have been looking everywhere for a pair of PJ bottoms, I should have been looking at duvet covers instead! They look fab, so does your meal, can I come around for dinner :)


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