Sunday, 7 February 2016

More Crochet

Well I finally feel like this virus is starting to shift, it's still there but it's going, you know the feeling. So I am feeling more awake now and it's just as well because it's half term so I get a lovely whole week off work. That means there will be time to look over the fabrics that I bought a couple of weeks ago, start this months patchwork and learn some more crochet patterns.

I have sewn together some of the squares that I finished, I'm not sure I would do it that way next time, the book suggested sewing with the raised seams for effect but in future I think I will sew them flat.  I also mastered the little flowers but the middle on two is different because I thought the centre hole was too big so I changed that on the second one.   Here is a picture below, not sure if I should keep going until its a blanket or just a cushion cover, blankets like this are tricky in my house anyway as the dogs will pull at the holes.
I know there is a bit of a wobble going on, I didn't block it, but do you have to do that with every bit? Any advice appreciated.

I really liked making the little bits so maybe that's the way for me to go with this, endless straight lines might bore me a bit, although I do enjoy making the little squares it is very therapeutic when I have just come in form work.
Yesterday I had a go at a triangle with the flower in the middle the one below is my third attempt, the first two got unravelled! It is not as neat as the one in the book but it does resemble it, also it has not been blocked  (again) and I think this shape would really benefit from that.  I like it but again not sure what I would do with a lot of them, I just like trying the different patterns at the moment.

My wool has lots of fibres coming off it, so it can be tricky to see which stitch you are going into, I have looked at a couple of images online and the projects look like they are using more of a smooth yarn so I may treat myself to some at some point.

While we were out food shopping I did have a quick look at the magazines to see if there were any crochet ones as you sometimes get little gifts of wool and so on with those things (not that I usually buy them!).  There weren't any on crochet just one on knitting with bright yellow wool with it, it was expensive too, £5.99.
So I may have a look on ebay to see if anyone is selling any crochet magazines or books that are less expensive.

The next piece of patchwork I want to try is called windmill and it's a Japanese style I saw on pinterest, so I copied the picture onto my notepad and will be starting that this week.

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