Saturday, 13 February 2016

Crochet Floral Wreath Completed

Last night I finished sewing the flowers on my crochet wreath, I'm really pleased with it as this is what I wanted to make when I began to crochet last month.  I did have plans to do some daffodils and pansies on it but when I began to arrange the flowers it became clear to me that enough was enough. The colours on it I feel go well together and compliment  my sewing space, adding more and more would have just overloaded it.
Here it is on my wall, as you can see it goes with paint colour and the curtains behind my sewing table.

The purple and pink flowers are the ones from the pattern in the triangle shared last week. I just made up the flower part then stopped.  The daisies I saw a picture of and just made up, they are perhaps all a bit different and not very straight but I think they resemble a daisy so that's ok with me.   The same goes for the leaves I just crocheted a bit then cast off or on to get the leaf shape and it seamed to work.  Although I do intend to learn to do some proper ones at some point,  these are fine for this.

I added a few buttons and beads to the centre of the flowers.

So in all it was a nice little project to make, pattern free as the only thing I followed any strict rules for were the purple and pink flowers which were the centre of the triangles like I said (here is the link to that) also the actual wreath shape was free/recycled from the celebrations lid (find that here).

I know there is a lot I need to learn about this craft but as with sewing I like to experiment with things and see what happens if you do things your own way. They may not always come out looking exactly like the projects  other people are making but that is a good thing. 

It is good to get inspiration from other people  but you should also go with your own interpretation of things I think.

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