Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Make what you wear

 I have been thinking while planning what to do with some fabric that has been left forgotten in my sewing box that I'm sure many of you watched the sewing bee when it was on.  I bet you also wondered if you could tackle some of the challenges that were presented to the contestants as the series progressed, they always make sure they have to show a range of skills to get crowned the sewing bee (whatever that means!)  I always think they all do remarkably well and are far too hard on themselves.
A lot of what they have to make I wouldn't want to have a go at, for example corsetry, millinery and 3D fancy dress design.  They always throw in some weird stuff and I wouldn't want to tackle that  at home let alone with a camera crew breathing down my neck.
People do love a challenge though and some may also love that that challenge if it takes place on T.V and good for them.  My sewing is preferred in private, where I can curse the mistakes and quickly turn them into something else before anyone else sees!
So this brings me to what I was thinking about with the fabric, don't make something just because you haven't got one or haven't made one, it will likely end up at the back of a cupboard unworn.  I know this now from experience, I also know I don't like waste, time or money.  If on the other hand you will happily spend hours and hour on  replica gown from the 19th century complete with accurate corsetry and petticoats just for the thrill of knowing how to do it, well go right ahead and have fun.
My wardrobe does need some variation but usually the stuff I make I wear as it is similar to other items own and sticking with this involves less waste for me.
Below is a variation on a dress pattern I made myself which I have shown before, but here the dresses are side by side so you can see that I have just altered the sleeve, neck or length to change the look.

 All of these have been worn often including the cream checked one which is the latest.  My least favourite is the one in beige with small dots on the end, I did a tapered skirt on that one, not pleats or gathers. The fabric is a bit dull and I don't think it will be around for long. (charity shop calling)
Sometimes sleeves or detail at the front can change the look and really, dresses are all pretty much the same shape.
With this in mind there will be more of these added because they only use a metre of fabric and are very quick. I do really need to make some t-shirts though as I often need these to go with jeans and just find I have a wardrobe full of dresses, a couple more skirts in solid colours would also also be useful.  I did buy the fabric to make a grey skirt last year then made a bag out of it instead, but at least the bag sold.
I've been feeling pretty rubbish this last twenty four hours with a migraine that has only just lifted, I will try and resolve to make t-shirts and add a bit of variety.

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  1. I hope that you are feeling much better now.
    I am always so impressed with your skills and imagination.
    Have a good weekend.
    Pam in Texas.xx


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